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Interesting information for psychologists!

of People have the aura and the power field. The same aura and the power field - is part of immunity, protective function of an organism. And when we people communicate among themselves, we exchange not only words, but also power. Not, which people suffer from - for it. For example: the practicing psychologists, investigators, doctors, and in general all those people who work with any stressful and broken mentality at the person. From - for this of communication, people can have various psychological and sincere diseases.

When, for example, to the practicing psychologist the patient handles any psychological problem and tells him the experiences, he, not only tells the negative emotions, but also pours out the negative bio-energetics of the sincere feelings. And the psychologist in turn listens to words of the client, and together with them, absorbs this negative sincere power which negatively influences the psychologist. Not just like that the person after communication with the psychologist says what to it calmed down. Because the person poured out part of the negative power on the psychologist. The help of the psychologist, it is possible to call in some sense ekstrasensorny. From - for it, psychologists are recruited by this power, and can even often be ill. Especially those which work in psychiatric hospitals.

To the practicing psychologists and those people who work with mental violations at the person even in the telephone mode, it is necessary to go to church to services, and it is obligatory to drink holy water, for disposal of the negative power received from other people. Or to address healers. As well as to those people who have various psychological and sincere violations. Because the church is a holy site where the prayer and holy water has the curative force which relieves the person of negative energy and returns to the person the lost power, thereby restoring aura. The psychologist is very responsible and is sincere - a heavy profession, for the person. But if to know all biopower nuances of the profession, then the person will be able not only to help others, but also will be healthy.