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Salads with female names: let`s try? From “Anyuta“ to “Irina“ of

That will only not be called in honor of the lady! Even hurricanes. But in the relevant sector of a salad kingdom of storms it is not observed. You want to be convinced? Then we will walk according to recipes.


Having filled 200 g of cottage cheese with 1 tablespoon of sour cream (or more if it is dryish), we will add 1 - 1,5 tablespoon of sweet corn, several chopped branches of fennel and lettuce leaves. Let`s season with salt with pepper and properly we will mix. As we see, our “Anyuta“ is modest, but also is reasonable: supports as the most essence the dietary and vitaminized food, quite justifying value of a name as “grace“. Bert`s

This “madam“ is a supporter of nourishing food and suggests to bother not strongly a delicacy, and to consistently lay at each other layers from available products:

- the crushed proteins of two boiled eggs,

- the fried bulb,

- kneaded a sprat from 185 - a gram can,

- 2/3 small jars of green peas,

- again proteins in the same quantity,

- and, at last - grated yolks of 4 eggs mixed from 50 g of firm cheese, too after its acquaintance to a grater.

Gas station from mayonnaise can manage salad, or perhaps besides, to be present a thin partition between its “floors“. On “roof“ it is possible to place the remained peas and greens - to taste. Noticed? (I.e. “magnificent“) assumes “Bert“ that salt is not necessary.

I cannot Pass Valentin`s

by salad of a name of in any way. And I will even offer two recipes.

1. “Sea“. For a basis can be taken on 200 grams of the boiled and cleaned shrimps and squids, and it is possible to make the same weight, having changed quantity of these products and having added mussels, osminozhek etc. At the worst, to use crabsticks.

We cut all ingredients small cubes (except for squids whom we cut with straws) and we connect. We fry the crushed bulb of the big size and 1 - 2 grated morkovina (on me, and one will be enough). Except carrot, we rub a lot of cheese - 200 g, and 4 boiled eggs. We mix all components and we dress with mayonnaise.

It is, so to speak, the traditional recipe. But I it use houses slightly differently. For example, I take not one big, but two average bulbs: one, having crushed, I send to a frying pan, and another, having chopped too, I fill in with a tablespoon of lemon juice and I use in the raw.

Besides, I add a mustard teaspoon (best of all - French), a marjoram, fennel, parsley, white pepper. Happens, as garlic, but it is rare. And I decorate with slices of a fresh cucumber, having made a cut in the middle, but not up to the end, and then - having developed halves in different directions so that they were “flippers“ on which the cucumber vertically keeps. Yes, and still green onions and lemon.

2. “As in winter“. It is salad - preparation for the future. It is necessary to take on kilogram of sweet pepper, carrots, tomatoes and onions, and also 2 glasses of the welded rice. Cutting is as follows: pepper - small squares, onions - cubes, carrots - bars. We scroll tomatoes via the meat grinder or we crush in the blender. Having connected vegetables, we add 3 tablespoons of sugar, 1 - 1,5 tablespoon of salt, a half of a small laurel leaf, the cut bunch of parsley and several peas of black pepper (I believe that rosemary will not prevent too).

We bring to boiling, we reduce fire and we cook 20 minutes, periodically stirring slowly. Water is not necessary, but if very much it wants, a little bit it is possible to splash. Having put rice, we cook 10 more minutes, and then we pour in 2 tablespoons of vinegar. However, as the owner of the name meaning “healthy“ and “strong“, I will risk to offer replacement of vinegar by lemon juice.

As soon as weight will begin to boil again, we switch off a plate and at once we display on previously sterilized banks. Not so difficult, truth? And products available.


this Name has, as we know, the Greek roots and “the silence, tranquility“ means. Salad that is very convenient, does not demand special efforts. It is necessary only that near at hand there were 300 g of boiled meat (beef or veal), two bulbs, several eggs (from 3 to 5), 250 g of mayonnaise, a quarter of a glass of a sting and a half-glass of water, and also a pinch of salt and 1 - 2 h a spoon of sugar.

Meat straws we cover a bottom of a salad bowl and we grease with mayonnaise, on it we place the ring pickled within 15 - 20 minutes in vinegar with salt and sugar of onions. Further again mayonnaise greasing, over it - a polukruzhiya of boiled eggs follows. Completes all “cover“ from the remained mayonnaise.


U of “strong, winning“ Darya is the highlight. Here and at Dasha salad it is present also not one, and at a set - whole a half-glass. Having steamed out sweet sukhofrukt, we put it over “bed-sheet“ from two not largest grated crude carrots. We cover raisin with mix of grated cheese (100 g), garlic (2 cloves) and mayonnaise (1 tablespoon). The following layer too from a grated product, this time - the boiled beet mixed with the crumbled walnuts. Well, and finally - again mayonnaise. Before giving we maintain “Dasha“ several hours in the refrigerator, it will only increase its taste. Elizabeth

the Name means

- “esteeming God“ so will be brought to provide fast and ferial recipes.

1. we Take how many we will want, a pomidorok of “cherry“ and we cut everyone in half, we add a handful red-hot on a frying pan without oil of the peeled pine nuts, a clove - two the crushed garlic and colored greens - to the taste. We fill with olive oil, salt, pepper and vinegar or a lemon.

2. we Boil in the added some salt water of 4 chicken quarters, we separate meat from skin and bones, we cut not really long strips and we add beforehand chopped: champignons (200 g, boiled or tinned), tomatoes (4 pieces of the small size), stalk of leek and sweet pepper. And still - a small jar of corn. We fill with mix from 100 g of sour cream, 100 g of mayonnaise, 1 St. spoons of apple cider vinegar, and 1 tablespoons of soy sauce. Zhannet`s

“Gift of God“ as this name is translated, in salad option assumes a ham combination (350 g), shrimps (or crabsticks - 200 g), sweet pepper (1 piece), tinned champignons, corn and green peas (on 1 jar), fresh tomatoes (2 - 3 pieces) and there is a lot of greens (on a bunch of onions, fennel, parsley).

We cut ham and shrimps / crabsticks cubes, pepper - small squares, small we crumble tomatoes, as well as greens. Having connected, we add mushrooms and corn. We fill with olive oil (1 - 2 tablespoons) and lemon juice (the 12th tablespoon). Eh, here still sheet salad!


Inna is “a rough stream“. To try the salad called in her honor, not easy. It would seem, half a kilo of the boiled language cut with bars and grams of 250 - 300 champignons, boiled with onions, chopped similarly - not a problem. But here the glass of a Brazil nut can not always be got.

I cooked such salad only twice in life when from - for the ocean brought and presented packing of an exotic fruit as speak, very useful. But the girlfriend reported recently that she with success replaces it with walnuts, and even treated - not bad, I will tell you.

Well, and to described yazykovo - remained to mushroom cutting with nuts - practically nothing: to salt, pepper and dress with mayonnaise. However, there is one more nuance: “Inna“ moves in the warmed look. Well, and that you wanted? “The rough stream“ has to heat blood …


Irina - “world“, and apples in it do not symbolize contention at all. To steam of fruit, having cleared of a core, we cut thin semi-segments and we sprinkle lemon juice, protecting from darkening; Too thinly we cut 200 g of stalks of a celery, and we divide grapes berries (250 g, and are better sultana grape not to potter with stones) into halves. Having laid the mixed products in a salad bowl, we throw from above large pieces of walnuts and one orange.

We sauce (100 g of yogurt + two tablespoons of mayonnaise and lemon juice, 1 h a sugar spoon, pepper and salt), and “peace“ salad is ready.