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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on September 4 - 5? “Machete“, etc.

at the Russian movie theaters begins Fall quickly. Today in film distribution of Russia there is a record number of debutants this year - at once 12 movies. Possibly, thus movie theaters try to compensate obviously outlined recession connected with outflow of the main audience in educational institutions. As a part of beginners three Hollywood, three Russian and three European pictures, and also tapes of production of India, Georgia and the international project “I Come with the Rain“. And now is more detailed:

1. “Machete“ (Machete). the Brutal fighter of Robert Rodriguez starts at the same time at us and in the homeland. Injured relative failure in a producer field (Antal`s “Predators“), Rodriguez tries to take a revenge and to show what not only Sylvester Stallone is able to shoot kryshesnosyashchy action films in the best traditions of a genre. As well as Slay, Rodriguez managed to complete the child star with a cast: besides the cousin Danny Trekho Bobbie De Niro, the beauty Jessica Alba, well-fad Steven Seagal, the namesake Michel Rodriguez, “lawn-mower“ Jeff Feyi, the padre Chich Marin, the cowboy Don Johnson, the defendant Lindsay Lohan, magnificent Tom Savini and the girlfriend of the director Rose Makgoun participate in a tape. As you understand, considering such congestion of stars, the movie just cannot imperceptibly pass. Judging by the trailers published in a network, Danny Trekho and the company anneal on full. Also It should be noted that in the USA the tape received R rating that means an offensive language (in our dubbing-in it will be “oh, damn“ and “the odd fellow from a letter M“), the sea of violence, blood and other attributes of a genre an action. After children`s and boring “Children of spies“ Rodriguez decided to fall back into the old ways and we are only glad.

2. “Vampire hickey“ (Vampires Suck). Apparently from the English name of the movie, this is a simple pun. On the one hand the verb “suck“ means “to suck, exhaust“, than vile vampires usually also are engaged, exhausting blood at the victims. On the other hand, considering that this project represents the parody to popular and very near “Twilight“, it is possible to remember that expression of “it sucks“ on a slang most often means the qualitative characteristic “a sediment, a lazha“. Our localizers showed respect and did not begin to bend a level. “The vampire hickey“ is created under the sensitive guide of Peter Safran, creator of “The unreal blockbuster“ and “Acquaintance to Spartans“. In America the tape unexpectedly showed quite good collecting in hire, in two weeks having paid back the budget. The nuance consists that completely “to enjoy“ the parody, it is necessary to look at the primary source, and it personally for me a task excessive.

3. “American“ (The American). the Second absolute film premiere of this week starting at the same time in Russia and the USA. Shpionsko - the adventure drama - the fighter with participation of one of the most enviable grooms of America, George Clooney. The groom, however, already semifresh because knocked Clooney in May 49, however looks George still a good fellow. In a new tape of Anton Korbayn it plays a role of the professional killer who decided to retire. It is known that in such cases everything spoils the last business about which in the movie and the speech will go. Personally George Clooney very much imposes recently me, and after the tapes “Up in the Air“ and “After Reading to Burn“ it became obvious that the actor stopped being just charismatic attractive face, and grew up in the serious, clever performer.

4. “Moscow, I love you!“ Moscow and Muscovites could not sleep peacefully after a release of the last year`s film almanac “New-York, Ya Lyublyu Tebya!“. 10 directors, 10 short stories, improbable quantity of stars of different size and the complete financial fiasco. Woody Allen who all the career makes a declaration of love to New - to York refused to participate in this project. Sergey Bodrov, Oleg Fomin, Egor Konchalovsky, Alla Surikova and Ivan Okhlobystin participated in the Russian analog (we will not call it plagiarism because only the form is pinched, but not contents) as directors. In the Moscow saga of short stories already 18, and the general duration of the movie makes 143 min. Such adult Jumble. About quality it is difficult to say especially as from the short story to the short story, it, certainly, will change. In fact, project, though not original, but interesting. It is possible to look.

5. “My name is Khan“ (My Name is Khan). at our movie theaters Very long ago. At the time of the USSR tapes with participation Kapurov, Chakraborti and Bachchan attracted capacity crowd, production of Bollywood now - the rare guest on our screens. However, Karan Jawhar`s movie - absolutely atypical for our perception. Any to you dances - shmanets, songs about love and effective fights. “My name is Khan“ - such Indian “Forest Gump“, the movie - travel, mix of the drama, melodrama and comedy about strange destiny of Indian Rizvan Khan who arrived in San - Frantsisko shortly before sad events of September, 2001.

6. “Girl with a dragon tattoo“ (Man som hatar kvinnor). the Sensational Scandinavian detective tape later reached a year also Russia. Actually this thriller of the director Niels Arden Oplev according to the best-seller of Stiga Larsson of the same name is only the first part of the trilogy telling about adventures of the journalist Mikael Blumkvist. The movie made an agiotage both in Europe, and in America, having shown excellent financial performance. The actress Noomi Rapace whom earlier nobody even knew by sight is in demand for the leading Hollywood studios now. Hollywood went even further, having started in production a remake of all trilogy at once. Headed the American option not somebody, and David Ffincher, and leading roles will be executed by Rooney Mara and “the agent 007 in resignation“ Daniel Craig. Scandinavians already managed to release the sequel therefore I advise to begin with the original especially as the Hollywood version will come out only next year.

7. “I come with the rain“ (I Come with the Rain). the International project with Josh Hartnett and Elias Koteas`s participation once again confirms truth that the East - business thin. Stylish soundtrack, slow narration, interesting, deep characters. Such cinema “not for all“ or as it is accepted to speak, an art - a house. Mix of the American, French and Asian cinemas. Responses of the audience rather positive, than on the contrary but to watch this movie at movie theater - the doubtful privilege. It is better to wait for license DVD and to thoughtfully estimate a tape Chan An Hunga, without being distracted by measured chewing of popcorn.

8. “To the touch“. I Admit honestly, to Yury Grymov`s production I take a jaundiced view. Not because at it such and bad movies though on “Mu - mu“ without tears you will not look. Just Grymov frankly is not pleasant to me as the person and as the film figure. Such untalented option of Mikhalkov who removes good movies a little but is a lot of and tiresomely speaks about what it remarkable, how all violate his copyright around, and that if he lived not in Russia, then Oscars would lay down at his legs piles. Anyway, about the movie “To the touch“, history of the young blind guy (Anton Shagin from “Dandies“), I tell nothing bad I cannot yet. As well as good.

Besides the above-stated pictures, as a part of the first autumn film premieres of 2010 it will be possible to see Sergey Bodrov comedy “The yakuza`s daughter“ , the French comedy “Trezor“ , the Georgian drama “Shirkers“ and the comedy of coproduction of Belgium, Canada and France under the name “Misadventures Simona Konianskogo“ .

In end, as usual, about possible cash results of the forthcoming days off. It is obvious that the greatest chances of leadership at the tapes “Machete“ and “Vampire Hickey“ focused on youth audience, and more adult part of the viewers will prefer “American“ and the almanac “Moscow, I Love You!“.