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Generation of NEXT.

On what our children “grow“?

Younger generations 90kh, 2000kh and 2010kh! What they will be? What will value? What to trust in? What purposes, ideals and idols will be? And by what they are grown?

Not the secret for all for us been born last century in an era of the USSR and right after its disorder that we watched a few other television, was read by other books, lived other interests and values, other meaning of life …

to Someone perhaps idea of the socialist camp and it seems abnormal and leading far not forward! But, nevertheless, we grew up, joined today`s world and not bad in it we feel.

We will return to our children! Also we will make small walk on TV channels of our TVs. What is watched by our children now and than they live? Probably, many will see the whole generation grown by the House projects and “the House - 2“, “Teletubbies“, «Simpsonami“, “Sponge Bob“, “Adolf“, “Father`s daughters“, and all to them similar, both the whole galaxy American a body and show of projects about “beautiful and easy“ life of Muses - TV and MTV . I already lower general availability and extensiveness of the Internet here.

Many of you will tell - “it ridiculously and interesting!“ I do not argue, at first sight maybe so!

Observe the child or the teenager from outside! As if arrests them to the screen! And now peer a little at sense and a plot - what you see there? Sense? Subject line? And children not to tear off - they as if in a coma and to you will prove then that it is madly interesting, with statements that you for certain lagged behind life-).

What our children will take out from all this? What will they be taught by television and a cinematograph to?

of the Girl, seeing all conscious childhood on a TV screen “beautiful“ life, of course dream of career of world famous model, of beautiful and expensive things, smart cars, and not each of them will reflect as to it to come and by what price all this is given.

The boys growing on stimulation of violence and hostility.

I will already lower the moment of frank promotion of homosexuality and the nonconventional sexual relations.

However we not finally lost memory of norm and we remember that children were taught from time immemorial on POSITIVE examples. Negative tried not to show, and the main thing, always accompanied with morals.

So with what children if we do not think of them will grow up ours?