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Club on a kumpola of

the power imperial Offended Ilya Muromts. Took away from him for debts to bank of the faithful horse on credit bought. Bailiffs as if nomads Polovtsian and as Ilya did not ask them flew, the vehicle went to the income to the state.

And to Muromts as to the veteran of fights with the Nightingale by the Robber and other voroga, privileges serious still the prince Kiev were given.

But also a hail now not our Kiev, and veterans the power imperial not strongly welcomes now. Also Ilya Muromets went to the capital of the state Russian the truth then to look for. There was he from the hometown of Murom along the old, broken Ryazanskaya Road and saw the chimneys and pines which burned down around. As if Mother across Russia passed again.

Whether it is long short, but exactly on August 31 the area to capital in honor of the victory over all voroga called the athlete reached. And there narodishko violent gathered. Shout something offensive about the tsar-father and in a form overseas dressed up fight with policemen till it bleeds.

And around clerks yes podjyachy run and write down all events in the manuscript. For history. Suddenly someone whom now policemen for volosye in a tilt cart prison drag will appear then the tsar-father? Nestora`s chroniclers fix everything, pass nothing.

The athlete marveled at a picture this glyadyuch. As Russians quarrel with Russians yes again squabble. But here policemen ran into it:

- You, a polecat smelly, otkel appeared here. And the document is available for you with registration capital? And whether you the Caucasian nationality will be a person? Mlya!

The athlete Russian took offense at so reception impolite and gave to one policeman a club on a kumpola. So legonechko, but that head over heels also swept.

And it already as then in a jail where Muromts was brought, resistance to the authorities was shown. Like, imperial clubs on kumpola it is possible to beat the decree only with the policeman now. Also awarded to the athlete the Russian three years and three months of works corrective and sent to a tree felling to the woods Murom. Home.

And there all the Nightingale the Robber, the decree the imperial governor appointed, orders. Everything whistles and whistles. But it already another story altogether.