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Whether it is possible to make a lunch without ware? A fire, fish and a bottle of mineral water

One amicable corporate company went somehow after the unlucky and stuffy working day to a piknichok to the next suburban forest.

As to the downtown to go to the market on Friday evening - the same as in general to ruin the last working difficult day on a root, to delete from life, it was decided fish to buy in the next all necessary for fish soup and not to torment itself with meat outdoors, it is easy and beautiful to have supper.

No sooner said than done! Bought ogromenno - the krasivenny big fish, well, directly hemingueyevsky. In total to it seasonings: from a lavrushka to allspice. Well, wine, respectively, white, vodka (especially tired of labor week). And any mineral and usual drinking water that a seagull one for the road when parting to drink and songs pioneer to remember, shout.

Kilometers fifty proputeshestvovat in search of absence of the people city. Arrived on unoccupied someone incidentally a clearing at not strongly boggy pond.

Hee - hi - hi yes ha - ha - ha … Swam for a while, smoked arrival. Little girls to sunbathe went to receive confirmation from a man`s half that bathing suits purchased for holiday correct.

Boys, so to speak, decided to show what they are men and what it, fish soup real.

And here suddenly it was found out that products - that is, and even as - as if there is a lot of fish. Both tea green and black long leaf is. Lighters - in pockets and in lighters of cars, firewood - the full wood, take - I do not want … And here only the vessel any is not observed. Saucepans, on the skewer which is incidentally rolling in someone`s luggage carrier a whistling kettle … Or even without whistle...

And what?!

Back, to the city to come back - it is not ridiculous. Fish crude is - so nearby there is no Japanese or the Chukchi - the cook. Even to tea not to boil that though songs, so verses turned out …

became sad somehow absolutely the companies, things already in cars began to shower slowly …

I from the wood here as a grand piano from bushes, some uncle with a bast basket mushroom comes up. Asks to light. And at the same time is interested what supposedly at citizens of the person such it is fast - oval, even outdoors. Moreover and in “day of the driver“, on Friday, that is.

He listened to the company, giggled in moustaches and suggested to order about parade.

Means, so … Fish we clean

(it is possible, by the way, and not to clean), we wash, we rub generously with spices (pepper, salt, further - to taste). In a belly it is put chopped greens and onions. We turn in several layers of paper. Properly it is also wrapped densely up. Now we moisten very well with water and at once we put on well warmed coals.

Wet paper will dry up and to smolder slowly exactly so much time how many it is required for preparation of fish.

As soon as “packing“ will begin to disappear, fish is ready!

Soft, juicy, in own, practically, juice moreover and the big fish smelling of a fire is unusually tasty!

In an hour the company of pleasantly surprised young people already regaled on the most tasty dish and thanked for sharpness and goodwill of the mushroom picker.

- Well whether and a tea for the help treat? - cunning the casual assistant blinked the eyes.

- Ah, are glad, but, alas … - the youth made a helpless gesture. - We have no teapot.

- So, and on which this teapot - waters of wons, how many mineral at you! And well, give - that, drinking, two-liter, - the uncle - the mushroom picker continued to order.

He added a little more water to a full bottle, exactly to a kromochka - that all to distil air from a vessel. Twirled densely a stopper and put directly on the burning coals, than frightened and dispersed from a fire of all.

Literally minutes through ten water in a bottle began to bubble - to begin to boil.

- Well, for gol which is cunning on inventions! - lifted a toast in a plastic glass with mint tea the mentor of youth. Happy with praises of the delighted company, it went further, on mushrooms.

And the fish baked in paper and water boiling for tea and other domestic needs on a fire - everything is checked personally on own experience. As the mushroom picker - my husband Svyatoslav Shukh, get acquainted.

Aha, he speaks, and too it is very pleasant to him.

Bon appetit, friends!