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What to indulge guests with? House dishes from fish of

the scheduled celebration Comes, and we puzzle again - what to please our dear visitors with. Apparently, what all already tried - modern salads bothered, to kolbasno - meat cutting nobody touches, all turn up the nose at caviar. There is a strong wish to indulge the people with something, house.

Let`s try to prepare traditional fish dishes. the Jellied pike perch

we Take

a kilogram pike perch with the head. We cut it on large pieces, we put in a pan and we pour 1 - 1,2 liter of cold water. There - the carrot cut by circles and a bulb entirely. We put the fish head and a tail there that broth turned out richer and sticky. We bring to boiling, we remove foam, we take away from a pan of a little hot water, we stir in it a bag of ready seasoning for aspic which includes gelatin and various spices for fish, and we pour back in a pan.

We cook fish about half an hour. Then ready broth is filtered through a sieve, trying to obtain thereby transparency, and we leave slightly to cool down.

At this time fish we sort on small pieces without bones, we stack on a tray bottom with high sides several circles of a lemon, our cooked carrot and branches of parsley. I recommend to put parsley, but not any other greens - it most of all is in harmony with fish.

If you want to make your dish multilayered, then at this stage fill in all this with broth approximately on half-centimeter and you take out for about two hours on cold. If on it there is no time or conditions, then stack fish at once.

We fill in the remained broth, we cool to room temperature and it is accurate, trying not to shake a tray, we send our dish to the refrigerator. Usually it stiffens during three - four hours.

of the Crash under marinade

to us will be necessary for

For marinade preparation three average carrots, one bulb, one - two tablespoons of ketchup, greens, a lavrushka, several peas of pepper.

Small we cut onions and we fry on vegetable oil, we add carrot, grated on a large grater, ketchup, spices, greens and we extinguish within twenty minutes.

Fish we fry to readiness and we sort on small pieces without bones.

We spread a ready dish layers: layer of fish, marinade layer and so on. We clean in the refrigerator and we allow fish to become impregnated with marinade and to become more juicy. Before giving on a table the dish can be decorated with greens branches.

the Baked mullet

I want to make a reservation At once that it is possible to bake thus any large white fish. Classics of a genre - it is unconditional, sturgeon. But as it, probably, for the majority of us is expensive, I decided to stop the choice on a mullet.

We go to the market and we choose the largest and beautiful small fish, it is possible also brainless. In this case it is not necessary to us. It is desirable to buy the cooled, but not frozen big fish, otherwise in finished form she can collapse.

We cut off to our fish fins and the head if she was, we clean from a paunch of an interior and we fill it the crude onions cut by straws. From above we salt, we pepper to taste and we sprinkle lemon juice. We do not skin yet - hot it will be easier to be made.

We wrap fish in a foil and we place in an oven for half an hour provided that fish weighs one kilogram. The more the weight of fish, the longer we will bake her.

We take out fish from an oven, carefully developing a foil not to spill precious juice. In the course of cooling it zazhelirutsya and will not allow fish to be scattered on pieces. At once we skin and we take out onions from a belly. Then slightly we pack the big fish hands and again we turn in a foil with juice, we cool a little and we clean in the refrigerator.

Before giving on a table carefully we separate fillet from a bone and we cut accurate plates.

Please your guests with such simple snack, and they will long remember your reception.