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as cheap and just to receive degree of MBA

Two years ago I graduated from the university, was convinced that it will be enough for me for life that there is no sense in “eternal“ students just. So itself did not want constantly to refuse everything to save money for education, there was a wish to live here and now. To find work in the CIS countries my diploma was quite actual and to get an education which will be demanded by the abroad it would be necessary to spend a lot of money, time, to refuse work and to exist a riddle in what way. Generally, to the fact that I any more will never study I reconciled long ago. And then there is no wish any more that again it was necessary to smile to hated teachers, after work to run on occupations, to pass what you pay for because work in a priority nevertheless. And here literally the other day read letters on e-mail, mailings different, suddenly I see the advertizing Business of School, besides information that on training grandiose discounts. Decided that it is signs. The Master Business Administrirovaniya program, distance learning is just the fact that it was necessary for me. Began to read details and there was no way back any more. Submitted the application and in the next working day I was called. I was inexpressibly glad, it was simpler, than simply. In - the first, transfer is carried out on the basis of any higher education, in - the second, personal presence is necessary only on thesis defense, in - the third, transfer happens within a year that is if submitted the application in October, then all the same would begin to study. Besides, to me advised to hurry with the decision as there were only two preferential places, and training in this Business of School never was cheap. Sent by e-mail necessary documents for acquaintance within 10 minutes, and I - the scanned copies of the passport and the diploma. Next day I came to office with all documents, money, signed the contract, answered questions, something like interview, I was given a disk with video lectures, now I wait for the letter on official transfer and further instructions. This happiness, education which is compatible to work is three times cheaper internal, to all other also the diploma which will be actual as in the CIS countries, and abroad. One more plus of the program that it is calculated on two years, but in a case when the listener is in time better, it is possible to try, to master material quicker, earlier to pass tests, examinations and offsets, so to finish training earlier and to gain the long-awaited diploma. Now it is possible not just to spend hours of communication in Skype and ICQ, and to be engaged in self-education. The main thing to work with self-discipline. Well and as conclusion: it is necessary to trust signs, it is always necessary to take a step forward and there is always an option how to bypass a habitual way of the solution of a question, and receiving degree of MBA can be quite available both from financial side, and from combination with primary activity. Action took place just on September 1 so I am a student again, Knowledge Day was successful, I opened and checked on myself a new way how to simplify life.