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Night “Prohibition“ in Moscow. In ten or by?

at the beginning of last century (1914) in the Russian Empire there was the first attempt to protect the Russian people which were so liking to take bitter, from the excessive use of alcoholic products that brought then results, quite good by the standards of our country, - labor productivity increase, reduction of rise in crime and number of patients because of alcoholism. This measure had, of course, and the negative side, such as underground moonshining, production and sale of vodka and other alcohol-containing production and the use of substitutes. Because of political changes the problem by itself lost relevance, and in 1923 strong alcohol began to be made and sold in all territory of the USSR of that time already again.

The new round of fight against alcoholism is noted by history already in the twilight of the USSR - year 1985. For the purpose of strengthening of measures of fight against alcoholism and alcoholism, and also increase of birth rate the so-called “moist law“ is entered. Many, I think, still remember it or heard something and which - whom it even struck then the “sick“ place.

But there will be enough history - now about today!

Since September 1, 2010 in Moscow the partial ban on trade in alcoholic and alcohol-containing products with a strength more than 15% at night days - from 22:00 till 10:00 is imposed. to what it will give

K as this innovation will be apprehended - let`s think already now. whether

Will lead this law to decrease in consumption of strong alcohol and, as a result, to decrease in alcoholism? How you consider? my opinion is as follows: a positive effect nevertheless should be expected

from the undertaken measures. Calculation on the fact that the person wishing to drink after ten in the evening for the lack of such opportunity nevertheless will go to bed and, having risen with the fresh head, will go for work in the morning - has to work at least in every second case.

But - there is still an opportunity to buy low alcohol production - wine, beer and low alcohol cocktails. And their impact on an organism is not less harmful and it is dangerous! Not for nothing there is an opinion on incurability of beer alcoholism and the facts on chemical components of low alcohol cocktails. The last, by the way, were especially fallen in love by our teenagers and youth.

Whether the new law on small round-the-clock little shops and tents will work? Whether thirst will win to profit on persons interested to buy vodka at night and good relations with regular customers? Whether it will push to a new round of underground production and sale of alcohol? And still exist also the Internet - shops where the order can be made in “lawful time“, and to receive it after that ten... Whether the next round of beer and “cocktail“ alcoholism will cause the new moist law, TV channels and dazzle in the evenings with its advertizing! Whether we will be able to go on the way of civilized countries?

Anyway it is always not enough to issue the law, it is necessary also to achieve its correct execution that in our country, we will softly tell, it is improbable... We, of course, will hope for positive changes, for disappearance from streets of “any“ fellow citizens who fell very much, labor productivity increase as in old time. Let`s wait also for demographic boom as the occasion will appear in the evenings to change a favourite bottle and to remember so hotly favourite Muscovite - the wife. Or... what you will tell, dear readers?