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Tell me why, Ullah?! Letter to the river.

Hi, Ulla*. I write you from the everyday life where everything habitually and evenly. I write to tell that I miss and that very much to you she is grateful. You will ask for what? Well to what listen.

You here exist to yourself in the Vitebsk region, run to Dvina and do not even reflect that you can change a lot of things in human life. For example, you can teach to wave continuously weak female hands an oar within an hour or about that. Who thinks that it is not enough, let at first will try! Still you can teach not to be afraid of the breaking clay coast and seven-meter seaweed. Because when from a heat and fatigue it is close to a faint, already on everything to spit if only to bathe and to be refreshed a little. You can teach to work in team with people whom you see for the first time. Because if the team does not turn out, in - the first, the campaign will not work well, and in - the second, it will be not worth a pin for me as to the sailor. By the way, for people separate thanks, I will tell it later.

And still you can teach a lot of things: to lift itself and things on, apparently, very heavy coast, to put and bring together tent, to sort, dry and pack the boat. Now I list also itself I am surprised, I did all this? But the fact was recorded by not one camera. So, Ullah, you are a great teacher, and I, dare to hope, I run into a compliment, the capable schoolgirl.

And now, Ullah, I sit in the, certainly, favourite, but such hot city and I miss you. Though, better I will tell I“ do not “miss“, and “very warmly I remember“. In the word “I miss“ some cosmic sadness is felt, and it is not actual now. Because, Ullah, you presented to me fine two days and beautiful people. Here I also returned to them.

Our team of four people had a worthy admiral. His name is too known that it to call therefore it and will remain just the admiral. Always experienced some awe mixed with admiration to people keen. Here the hobby was combined with the saved-up and processed experience, a responsible approach, care of sailors, well and with the known share of irony. Sometimes - and sometimes directed to the same sailors. Well, I can tell: “Bravo, admiral! I am glad that we were familiar!“

the Captain of the second boat - the esthete, famous in narrow circles. And you know, coffee, let and without cinnamon, in the depth of the Vitebsk woods, let and not absolutely early in the morning, certainly, impresses. Low bow. And separate respect for driver`s abilities. On the train I all - was in time. Everything was on five points. Moreover and the clever car, with the index of time in way. However, then this time for some reason was the American time of day, but I like the first option more.

My “misfortune“ fellow, and is more faithful the sister - it is the second sailor - the charming girl. Having seen it in a yellow jersey with the inscription “Zolotnik of 2010“, and nicknamed her about itself “the gold sun“. The benefit, a blond hair, blue eyes and infectious laughter very much promoted it. And ability to weld a semolina in marching conditions without lumps, put it on height, inaccessible to me. In that the first, probably, psychologically the heaviest from expectation of unknown tests, morning, the semolina was successful!

About each of my new acquaintances it is possible to tell much more, but we will keep it, Ullah, secretly and we will hide on one of your picturesque coast. You know, I know, and superfluous third here.

Tell me why, Ullah?! Tell why good has to end? Why interesting people appear far? Why it is impossible to stop a moment differently, than the camera? And however, forgive for rhetorical questions. Itself I do not like to answer them. Thanks that you were in my life and for the fact that I could write you this letter is simple. I will not say goodbye - it will be banal and is silly. On my city stuffy evening, and you cool good night slips!

Your sailor Natali

* Ullah - the name of the river in the Vitebsk region falling into the Western Dvina