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Where to go, where to move? Travel not at the other end of the world of

Ended summer. It is good if you managed to leave prints of the legs on the bank of the seas - oceans. And if is not present? What and to vanish without holiday? What to do if it is simply vital to arrange to himself though small, but rest, and all opportunities known to us are for this purpose missed?

As our admiral spoke: “Everything is real!“ And I learned by own experience that it is quite real to arrange himself tremendous days off which on intensity of emotions and adrenaline will not concede to some waterslides of an aquapark of some five-stars hotel in some Turkey. Especially as I this year did not go to Turkey any more. So it was necessary to manage local resources. So, experience (and successful) travel is offered to your attention not at the other end of the world.

is 2 months old to an event

Conversation with the girlfriend. I in the state close to a depression, holidays am not expected yet, and there is a wish to have a rest very much.

- What you love from rest? I mean active?

- I love campaigns.

- Perfectly! To you task: look to yourself for some campaign, and something is better like rafting or kayaks. To report on results.

- Well, well.

I am a person obligatory, though doubting. Therefore with great doubts, but I began to carry out promised, to look for information on water or other hikes on Belarus.

to an event

Is rummaged around 1 month by

the Internet, registration at several tourist forums is issued. Oh, there are here invitations to go hiking! Interesnenko … to an event

Was written off 3 weeks by

with the person. Received the list of the things necessary for a campaign. Prepared gumboots (in a charming floret, and suddenly a rain?) found a backpack and a rug. At work an awful working flat out, crazy it is possible to go! As I want in a campaign!

is 2 days old to an event

- there Will be a water hike. There is an empty seat of the sailor. You can join.

- I, unfortunately, cannot. Just these days off are taken … (well I will precisely go crazy, what a pity, that I cannot go to this campaign!) Put

to an event

- Hallo! Hi! This is Natasha from Gomel, about a campaign. I can!

- Well. We go from Minsk of hours at 8 in the evening.

- I will be in Minsk at 18:30.

- To it is called.

Station. Tickets. Train. Minsk. Meeting. Nice to meet you! Departure.

the Beginning of a campaign

Arrived to a point. The wood, naturally, without lamps, excepting the moon. I understood that a small lamp on a forehead - it is not ridiculous, it is vital need. I did not have it therefore products for dinner were cut at the inclined head of that who on a forehead had a small lamp.

settled the First night So far, there was second one o`clock in the morning. And emotions ulegatsya, apparently, all remained night. What put future prepares for us? And, by the way, where mosquitoes?

First day of a campaign

Good morning! Oh, it appears, we on the river bank. To weld a semolina? Oh, I will cut cheese better. The second sailor had to be answerable for a semolina. The breakfast was successful. Here people to a decoy without lumps are able to cook!

And, actually, where boats? Where? In this bag? It is small. How they, I`m sorry, there were located? And, understand … Well, well. Than to help? To inflate the boat? Ridiculously, ha - ha. Good joke. 128 exhalations … It was not the joke. Compensated oxygen starvation in the afternoon.

Really all our things will be located in two small kayaks?! Right there whole camp!

Were located …

there Came the most important point - boats are lowered, and the oar is persistently put in my for some reason weakened hands. However, after careful instructing in technology of rowing on a kayak, but from it it is not easier for me.

We already float? We already float! It is fine! Young sailors are not guarded at all by skeptical statements of captains that in the evening we will only want to eat and sleep, and most likely, only to sleep, and is very strong. We float, and it is fine!

Midday of the first day

A how many we already float? Generally, there was a wish to ask how many still we will be … The oar at me, perhaps, from water bulks up, heavy became. Cannot bulk up because plastic? Well, you will tell me!

Oh, lunch! As the modified mushrooms soup from a paper package is tasty!

the Second half of the first day

Is unclear

, whether hands - continuation of an oar, whether an oar - continuation of hands. I have a presentiment of emergence of water callosities. I try not to look at them, the parking lot also close is not visible, not before relaxation so far.

Swam up to some high coast? To land here?! It is unreal. But the favourite phrase of the admiral “Everything really sounds!“, and we land. Soon all above, including boats. In, appear, impassable chashchitsa the place is cleared away, tents are put, the kosterok cheerfully cracked.

The main thought before withdrawal in Morpheus`s kingdom: and if I am not able to row tomorrow? The second sailor was concerned by the same thought. Having divided it in half, we went off to uneasy sleep. The only mosquito which gave a vote for some reason forgot us to bite.

Morning of the second day

the early rise Promised by the admiral dragged on for a couple of hours and turned in sybaritical kofepity in the depth of the Vitebsk woods. Before us nearly a half more of a route lay, and we lay at not put tents.

Descent of boats and people to water took place at higher level, than rise. I look back - the left coast quite inhabited, there is even an existence of steps up. Will carry to someone!

So, we float. Surely take with yourself the first-aid kit! The plaster which was in it decorated my hands with “art bandaging“. Looking at them, it was possible to tell something it seems “the skilled boxer“. The people dispersed, but callosities approved bandaging and did not disturb any more.

We float. The admiral was verified with the navigator and declared existence on the left board of the lake. At a question “let`s look? “ sailors amicably burst: “Yes!“ If only though to release a little an oar … the Lake turned out

fantastically beautiful. We with pleasure bathed.

To describe beauty which we floated, I`m sorry, I will not be. I will tell one - it should be seen. Branches, and sometimes and the whole trees touching water rare boats of the fishermen who hid in thickets, infinite bends and Ullah`s turns each of which is unique. The right, the Lord, very much, very much I recommend!

Well, and we floated. It seemed, there will be no end to our wandering. Sailors became gloomy a little and rowed, having thought of something special mattress. The announcement of the admiral of the finish took all unawares. Having started, we saw that we are in the place of a confluence of Ullah with Dvina. There was the last breakthrough, and here we ashore in literal sense dry oars, and also boats, bags and, actually, ourselves.

If you thought that everything, the happy end came, I will afflict you. In - the first, we were in the Vitebsk region, on hours there was something like 17:00, and my train left Minsk at 23:59. And, actually, our car was in that point from which we started two days ago. That is from us it is very far. And children should have gone behind it a self-locking device. And a self-locking device - business such. It or is, or is not present.

In our case the self-locking device decided not to be. There was no it hour two. Only after very long time children managed to catch a passing car. I began to think over already options of spending the night in Minsk, otprashivaniye from work on Monday and still a heap of other options. And for the rest we had a good time on the bank of Dvina. I and the second sailor had to dry up and pack all equipment, make toilet and to be ready to march - - me persistently reminded a throw to Minsk the return ticket of it.

I will hold back the speed with which we flew back. Thanks to you, clever Subaru car! You perfectly proved to be on the wet route and during a thunder-storm near Logoysk. Minsk met us by streets, almost empty after a thunder-storm. On hours 23:30. Ah, train, train. Whether we will meet today?

I safely was in time on the train, arrived on time on Monday for work. My scratched legs could raise unnecessary questions therefore the skirt was long at colleagues. And suntan to me too went to raise some questions, except compliments.

New acquaintances, fine photos and very warm memoirs - all this I brought from the campaign. And still I brought very good motto: “Everything is real!“ One my familiar admiral so spoke. Therefore I advise all: “Dare! Go to the mountains, float on the rivers, open for yourself the new horizons! Because everything is real, it is necessary just to want it!“

Useful and reference information.

the Kayak - the double boat. On a slang of people, sitting ahead - the sailor, behind - the captain. The head of a campaign - the admiral.

With itself it is necessary to take a brain, and also a backpack, a rug, a sleeping bag, a spoon, a mug, a bowl in a campaign and other, necessary personally to you a thing. A little food is also useful.

Ullah - the river flowing into the Western Dvina. Extent of a water route - 60 km.

Participants of a campaign - two boys, two girls. Girls, naturally, sailors, boys divided among themselves ranks of the captain and the admiral.

Start - the Vitebsk region, the Chashnitsky area.

The finish - the mouth of the river Ullah, in the place of a confluence with the Western Dvina, of the item Ullah, Beshenkovichsky district.