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School: and for the power offensively?

Psychologists became interested in children`s endowments more than hundred years ago. In Germany and the USA at the beginning of our century the first schools and classes for children with unusual abilities were created. In 1912 in Russia original diagnostics of endowments was developed, and it even found purely practical application: with its help in lyceums and gymnasiums defined in this or that class. The famous teacher G. I. Rossolimo created special schools for child prodigies.

Prior to the beginning of the thirtieth years the Soviet psychology, and the nursery in particular, developed quite at world level. But then everything came to an end. And in studying of “vunderkinizm“ came to an end it is very remarkable. All trouble is that huge research of dependence of children`s endowments on a social origin, education, living conditions led to the conclusions which are absolutely ideologically not sustained. In the intellectual`s family the intellectual level of the exceptional child exceeded average for 11-12 percent. And in a family of handicraftsmen, workers, peasants - for only 2 percent. After such “enemy sortie“ forbidden all this area of research: identification and education of intelligently exceptional children was declared by inclination to burzhuazno - an intellectual elitism, infringement of social justice. But over time it was necessary to be engaged seriously in studying and education of children defective. Psychologists know

what intellectual skills possesses, so to speak, the “average“ child of it is that age. Children at whom intellectual development goes with a considerable advancing are called as intellectually gifted. Of course, there are genetic endowments, but the huge role is played also by social heredity - a family, all atmosphere of life of the house. If it does not stimulate development, then “raised nervously - mental potential is realized in other vital spheres“. Intellectually exceptional child begins to be fond excessively of sport, seeks for leadership among the peers. Social and genetic types of heredity do not deny each other, and mutually supplement. Congenital features limit biological opportunities, the rest depends on specific conditions of life. Psychologists from Philadelphia R. Norton and G. Domen reported

about very interesting, almost sensational results of intellectual education of children which went by the technique developed by them. “ One-year-old children easily and quickly solve any problem on addition, multiplication or division within 100. Two - and three-year-old children can cope so successfully with text algebraic tasks and numbers practically of any size. Parents of these children were instructed how to create for them the environment rich with both touch information, and opportunities for development of motive functions “.

Intellectually exceptional children, as a rule, have mobile, balanced nervous system. Contrary to the stereotype of “the sickly child prodigy“ which is very extended at us exceptional children, as a rule, differ in a good health, good physical development. Among them phlegmatic persons seldom come across, but these the few as scientists write, “are characterized by very valuable quality - depth and validity of cogitative activity“.

Absolutely other situation with “indigo“ children fashionable recently. If earlier some human manifestations determined by symptoms of autism or Alzheimer`s syndrome, brain dysfunction or organic damage of a brain, a syndrome of a hyperactivity or nartsistichesky frustration of the personality and qualified as the diagnosis, then now all this and many other things began to call indigo signs.

Psychologists claim that both ingenious artists, and cruel bandits, and mad scientists who are easily stepping borders of common sense can grow up from “violet“ children (“indigo“ children). Indigo are afraid of nothing. For achievement of the purpose they do not stop before anything. For them there are neither bans, nor laws, nor authorities, - only own “I“. I.e. it is individualists and egoists in the last stage.

in the USA began to pay in recent years attention to the become frequent revolts of school students which consciously oppose themselves to people around. Conducted examinations and found out that these children have rather high intelligence and abilities. Parents render an ill turn to the children, allowing them to behave badly, without establishing for them any framework, without directing them, motivating it with the fact that they are children - indigo. All children, and indigo in particular need certain borders, then they gain the skills of self-checking necessary for normal communication.

is precisely known Today that all those children who shot at the companions at the American and Japanese schools were from among indigo.

everyone can draw Conclusions. I consider what children - indigo is a diagnosis (or diagnoses), including the diagnosis of level of education what it was told above about.

generally, techniques of definition of a level of development of children exist. The Psychology Questions magazine gave results of research L. M. The term by such technique. He investigated 2905 children aged from 5 till 14 years. Results of research: 0,23% of children showed very surpassing average level of intellectual development; 12,45 - surpassing; 18,1 - above an average; 46,69 - normal (average); 14,6 - below an average; 7,3 - on the verge with defectiveness; 0,63 percent of children were intellectually defective.

So, number of children with a level of development above an average makes about 32 percent.

Therefore, every third child - with the increased level of intellectual development. Where our exceptional children when grow up vanish? They vanish... at school. At the school focused on the average pupil, cutting everything that below and above this average level. Process of intellectual development is continuous; psychologists claim what lost at some moment cannot already be restored. To the child, as air, are necessary the Wednesday stimulating development, richness of information, a variety of tasks and a variety of their decision.

I what does our state to keep and support such children? Correctly, enters USE, i.e. not training, but stupid preparation for testing. So, to be successful in school, the child has to know on some question one, the most correct, the answer, and to express his (answer) the established standard phrases. It here “variety of tasks and ways of their decision“.

And leaves if the child solved a problem (itself solved!) but another, way - receives an unsatisfactory assessment. Why? But not by “technique“! By the way, I remember how a few years ago the child came from school upset. It turns out, at the solution of a task “1 - 2=?“ he wrote the answer “-1“ and received the two on arithmetics. And by a technique (the 2 or 3 class of school, definitely I do not remember) the answer has to be “0“ (zero)! Here also earned the two. The very young teacher at the same time was absolutely sure that and has to be because - the Technique! And then, speaks, in a class 5 - 7, we will retrain, probably. So soon and at us as in some staff of some overseas state too number “ïè“ will declare equal 4, for convenience.

With nostalgia I remember the mathematics teacher. When it caused to a board, and my homework is not performed, quietly observed as I sweat, I think and I try to make something. If at the same time the correct answer turned out, then said that it will check my calculations and then will give a mark. Also put not 2 at all. Not that now school and teachers not those!

Here also turns out with this USE: the doctrine, knowledge acquisition replaced with the simplified version of study, a certain catechism in which there is no open or controversial issue left, any opportunity for search and improvement, for the opinion. It even in literature, not to mention the exact sciences!

In fact, with introduction of this USE we received new “Short course“ in which it is accurately registered that is correct and as it is necessary to think.

Of course, standardization of intelligence of our children piece convenient, is so simpler to both teachers, and the authorities, - everything is standard and operated standard methods. And years through 10 - 15 will surround the biorobots which us such are standardly dressed, standardly thinking, standardly arriving. And among them, as heads and people 1 - go grades, children of officials and oligarchs who studied not at our school and something else think. I assume that talk on reduction of term of “training“ at school will go soon. Why 11 years nothing to do, bring on - fast to testing of years for 5 - and to the machine yes to a shovel (as will take driving test: 1,5 months of repeating over and again, developments of conditioned reflexes, examination - and the driver is ready). Generally, let work for the administration benefit.

not to happen in Russia new Lomonosov! For the power offensively.