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Whether it is possible to refer the movie “Bumer“ to category of cult?

in the first 25 days after “Bumer“ left in the All-Russian hire, it collected 32 million rubles and became the most high domestic grossing film of year. What so “hooked“ on the viewer that he voted for the movie not only the legs, but also a purse?

Of course, “Bumer“ to an exit to the screen acquired different rumors, caused fierce disputes and rough discussions that, naturally, stirred interest in debut work of Pyotr Buslov who all in a year was to very few people the famous student of the VGIK before. But, I think, put here not only in it. Simply in the movie is what to look at. And to look - by all means.

Though, apparently, the plot of “Bumer“ is quite simple. Four “mobsters“ (Vladimir Vdovichenkov - Kot, Andrey Merzlikin - Scalded Maxim Konovalov - Kyla, Sergey Gorobchenko - the Frame), are forced to disappear, having incidentally killed the person who on improbable combination of circumstances is not simple “terpily“, and the employee of intelligence agencies introduced on criminal Wednesday.

To overstay you “boil“, climbed as a result of undesirable consequences, but Kyla`s shot, well-aimed by result, friends - accomplices go on the stolen BMW to the remote place. But … It is impossible to them “to keep a low profile“. Over and over again “boys“ are stuck in troubles which become more serious and more serious. And already long before final credits becomes clear that the heppa - an and will not be here. At least because it can never be.

But this simplicity and not ingenuity of a plot - deceptive. Seeming. Something it all - attracts the viewer? But if not a plot, then than? Staginess?.

Yes, it is valid, “Bumer“ - the spectacular movie. And not only. On the accuracy and plausibility Pyotr Buslov`s movie leaves far behind many game tapes which can also be carried to a genre of “the extremely topical criminal drama“. Such as, for example, “Crew“. Or “April“. Or “Mother, do not grieve“. Yes also you will not remember all. It is a lot of them, such “criminal“, removed 90 at the end - x, the beginning of 2000 - x. But not in each of them such carefully - plausible blows in a face. Quiet, dry, but terrible this quiet dryness and documentation sounds of shots.

However, staginess, accuracy and plausibility - at all the undoubted pluses - do not give the answer to a question of the reasons of popularity of a picture. Because all these components of the movie belong to its outer side. And what beautifully issued was not external packing if in nothing is not present, then and there is nothing to eat. Maybe, would also zakhavat people, but emptiness, even the most ingenious marketing specialist sorry, will not force to eat. In order that not just ate, and from hands at the neighbor pulled out, under a wrapper there has to be not just something, and something out of the common. And not only on color and a smell. But also to taste. Which, first of all, is defined by contents.

In a case with “Bumer“ - mature and deep. Because this movie (I said that not ingenuity of its plot is deceptive?) not about four mobsters. It - about that country in which all of us then lived. That somehow suddenly, at once it became us … Stranger! And this estrangement of our country from us and us from it during this period became wider and wider and deeper, threatening here - to carry out here the well-known transition from quantity to quality and to be transformed to an abyss. If heroes of the movie go somewhere - not the fact that over time they - oh, at last! - it is reached that real and tangible point “B“ where will be desired and desirable. There is no homeland … And, the most terrible that it there is no NI U of WHOM. Neither at mobsters, nor at cops, nor at long-distance truck drivers, nor at their girlfriends - plechevka …

But “Bumer“ - the movie not only about the country. It also about time. About that time which was. And if someone suddenly forgot about what he, remind - of time when you together with all who did not manage to change “serpasty and yet molotkasty“ for the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation or had to cancel all and any rules, or lived … Not longer than a butterfly - a something ephemeral.

And here it is advisable to remember the name of the movie. With which, it seems, everything is clear and clear. “Bumer“ is abrupt “sharpened“ the Russian criminals. “Bekh“. BMW - 750IL. But again, in which already time, this clearness and clarity - a blende. Seeming they.

Because on a criminal slang of “bekh“ - not “bumer“. “Bimer“. And, considering this lingvo - phonetic nuance, most of film critics inclines that the name of the movie sends us not to an iron product of the German automotive industry, and to a boomerang with which to people everything in the future comes back, once them deeds. And kindly. And angrily. As that screw-driver which one of truckers without what fluctuations and long thoughts thrusts on the handle sideways to Dimon Oshparenny. Time will come - and it will bring the owner, forever prikuyot it to a wheelchair …

Such a flash - fyyucher - “overlaps“ forward - in “Bumer“ a little. Therefore the version with a boomerang has full authority for existence. But, as it seems to me, “bumer“ not from the word “boomerang“. He “died“ of the word. Died rather died, three from four heroes of the movie. However, then, in second “Bumer“, it will turn out that two. But it - is not important any more. Because in fact not heroes died, their time died.

“Not we such, life such“, - Kot says, meaning time of general racket and gangster laws, obligatory for all. Peer at shots. Remember that time. When all … All of us became bandits. And to some extent were them. But if bandits all around, … Who, actually, to plow and will sow? Without it … Any society does not live. Because the stage following universal gangsterism - destruction. At first persons, and then and society. General eating by all of all. And everyone everyone.

At that society that we had in 90 - x, could not be and there was no future. It is good that we understood it in time. Therefore Buslov`s tape is multilayered not only according to the contents. But also on value. It at the same time both a monument, and a sentence, and an epitaph to that time about which tells. Of which all of us safely jumped out.

Also tried to forget.

And this it is impossible to do in any way. Because what we today, in many respects is defined by what we were yesterday. Without having realized this simple truth, never to solve those problems with which we are puzzled by the present and which will be put before us by the future.

Probably, in it is a principal value of “Bumer“. The movie not only reminds, but also helps to understand - in what country in what time we lived and what then were. “Bumer“ - a bright, exact and convex mold of that era about which tells. And already therefore the movie, in my opinion, with good reason can be referred to category of cult.

It - our mirror. Even if we are also not eager to peer at it. Especially as it - any more not problems of a mirror. On him to expostulate Not Cha …