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October 15 - World day of rural women. There are women in the Russian settlements?

Since old time a household were held in hand by the woman - mother and the wife. She knew keys from all house, kept account to hay, straw and flour. All cattle and all living creatures were under its supervision... Observance of holidays and posts was under its vigilant control too. Children, growing up, together with it learned to do something useful too. Over the years cares of the “main“ woman passed to the son`s wife... (From the book of the writer Vasily Belov of “Ladas“).

What only reorganization did not concern the village, so, and women, for all history of Russia! The village lived at a serfdom, “passed“ through dispossession of kulaks and collectivization, and also revolutions and wars. So, after World War II of the village, the village and the road - everything was burned, broken. Not only during war, but also after it women worked at farms, reaped a crop, constructed roads, at home, learned and raised children. All worked, from old to small, burning one with desire - rather to restore the village, the edge …

I only in the period of “thaw“ in the village entered compensation. Here then, in 60 - 70 - e years of last century many families began to reduce subsidiary farms, people lost interest in living creatures without which there did not live any family earlier. The slogan about elimination of distinctions between the city and the village became actual. In the same time outflow of the population from the village considerably was outlined. As spoke then supposedly in the city easier and more interestingly. Rural girls went to the city, and there as it appeared, and the brides surplus.

And now still it is possible to meet the thrown villages once declared “unpromising“, and in villages - the empty houses. In 1974 in connection with adoption of the resolution on development of Non-Black Earth Region the central estates of strong farms integrated. In it there were “pluses“. Houses, schools were under construction, production extended. But at the same time small villages “became extinct“. The considerable loss to the village was brought also by development of virgin lands that was connected also with outflow of country people.

In 90 - e years many farms which did not manage “to find“ themselves in market conditions were ruined. All this could not but affect village economy, a family on which the village, its traditions and moral principles always kept.

In 1995 participants of the IV World conference of the UN where considered a question of position of women, suggested to celebrate the day of rural women annually. This idea was supported by the International federation of producers of agricultural products, initiators of a holiday also became - World Female Summit Fund, the World association of women of the village and a network of associations of rural women of Africa. So day became on October 15 “red“ day of a calendar for all rural women of the world.

Today the Union of women of Russia, being an active member of the World association of women of the village, considers a problem of life of women in the village of one of main in the work. During creation in all regions of the country of the women`s unions the action “Rural Women“ during which women brought up such vital questions as unemployment, poverty, a lack of shots of experts, and also low level of mechanization and automation on production etc. took place of

over 21 million women live In Russia and works at the village.

What part of rural life take, everywhere you will find women. They work not only in the “female“ sphere (life, education and education, service), but also in the main branches of production - plant growing and animal husbandry. More and more actively women master various forms of small business in the village. So, the head of the Chelyabinsk female business center Lyubov Konareva herself is engaged in small business, involving in this work of rural women. Many of them opened bakeries, pass - shops on tailoring and repair of clothes, footwear, shops, private kindergartens. And it is done not only in the Urals …

of the Woman willingly work in women`s councils, the unions, participate in descents of citizens. To improve position of women in the village, they hold seminars, “round tables“ on subjects: “Women of Russia and revival of the village“, “A young family and a personal farmstead“, “The hostess of the village - the woman“, “The pure yard and the best kitchen garden“ and others.

Many rural toilers go to the leading work. So, almost every third head of agricultural enterprise is a woman. Many women head rural settlements (the former Village Councils). There are women in administrations of the small cities and areas (25%). And in 2009 for the first time the woman - Elena Skrynnik became the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

At one of the last meetings of board of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Elena Skrynnik called such indicators which characterize social aspects of development of the village. In 2010 over 1 million sq.m of housing, among them 712 thousand - for young families and experts are put into operation. In this plan of the highest indicators the Belgorod Region, Dagestan, the Chuvash Republic reached. As the minister noted, “the program of development of agriculture adopted in pre-crisis time is realized in full and the volume of its financing will grow from year to year“.

Today almost third part of the population of the country lives in rural areas, including women and children. In order that people did not leave native places, the village needs new agricultural complexes and settlements where schools, kindergartens, hospitals, shops, hairdressing salons etc. would be located. And examples of such agricultural enterprises are. Already there are a lot of farms in the village where heads pay to the workers including to pensioners, in the end of the year 13 - yu a salary, food give out free of charge. For example, the worker receives a bag of sugar and a bag of flour in the end of the year. But so far such situation was fixed not everywhere.

Today in many regions there was a practice of holding city fairs on which residents of the village bring the production. And it, as a rule, is in great demand at citizens.

They say that summer day year feeds. The summer of 2010 was extremely hot. Seriously crops in total on the area about 6 million hectares suffered. Not less than 6,5 thousand farms experience considerable difficulties from a drought and the fires now (Ulyanovsk, Saratov, Astrakhan, Samara, Voronezh and other regions of the country). According to the Chairman of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov, the government already took measures for a delay of payments of the credits by agricultural enterprises in regions which were damaged this summer. It is also important that during this difficult period for the village the prices mineral fertilizers, gasoline and diesel fuel did not grow.

We will hope that these difficulties did not frighten women of the village. They never were away from the general troubles. However it would be desirable that our rural women found on October 15 time and for rest, fun and songs, and also heart to heart talks, kind congratulations and wishes …