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As the tsar of reform saw off and that from this left

Somehow having roused in the morning, having stretched and having drunk a kofiya, the tsar decided to reform the country. Brought together boyars for council and asks them:

- And tell - lackeys my true whether there is life outside our palace. And if is, then what it?

Boyars sit, beards scratch. Answer:

- Clerks from the Order Calculating carried out census recently. So it turned out that narodishko korenny disappeared somewhere. And completely. It was dissolved perhaps on our open spaces. Or a pestilence - what fire from the countries distant took place? We think that painfully the small fry clamped decrees different yes taxes very heavy. Here they and sbegl to lands next.

- And whom I then direct a teperyacha? - the father - the tsar was upset.

Boyars thought of a question imperial, difficult. Sit, beards scratch.

- Can these as wild to bring their gasterbayter from tribes. Yes them lands our become empty to occupy? - lackeys offered imperial high-ranking.

The tsar reflected, but remembered in time as last year these gasterbayter to him repaired the palace. Yes so that the roof all the time flows. Even when there are no rains. And plaster on the heads falls. The tsar refused the offer seigniorial.

- No, - says. - It is necessary to save the country. That to return citizens. And that what I am a tsar without citizens. Poslabitelny we will do reform.

Boyars validly hooted.

- Correctly father tsar. As ourselves - that did not guess this reform of this. Can freedoms to them some grant? And you the Tsar - the Liberator will be named then. On stories school you will be included in textbooks.

- Abruptly you kneaded, - the tsar to the offer seigniorial was surprised. - I and without you will be included in textbooks. Savior of the Russian land. And these textbooks are already printed in printing house imperial. And freedoms to my people not nadobnot. I well know it. To it “Field of wonders“ in a prime - a time and brazhka free on holidays. Means, we will do such reforms.

Pervo - napervo we will rename police into gendarmerie. Narodishko not too welcomes our police lately. And when from gendarmes will begin to jump aside, we too as - nibud in a different way call them.

- Good focus, - boyars to mind imperial were surprised. - Perhaps then we will call our carts carriages. The peasant goes by the cart, and on it the CARRIAGE with capital letters it is drawn.

- We go further, - the tsar interrupted imaginations seigniorial. - Every year on December 31 we will allow the people to gather near the palace imperial and to shout that all boyars complete fools and it is necessary to kick them out! If to the people not to allow to exhaust at least once in a year, will sometime jerk so that will seem to nobody a little.

Boyars shrank and remembered assets to the countries distant brought to this case.

- But if who in other day will act, to that a club on a kumpola will get, - the tsar-father tenderly continued. - We will give freedoms, but in the portions small, reasonable.

- And carts import it is time to forbid completely, - one of boyars lobbied at the wrong time the interests.

- Early so far. We will do nanocarts. In the world there are no such anywhere and will not be, - the tsar-father answered the boyar.

Boyars again validly rustled though did not understand what it is about. I reign often any heresy came to mind. They got used. But here time lunch came. And the tsar decided to postpone and have a bite reforms than God sent. And after a lunch nourishing fell asleep a dream sweet and forgot about the intentions by the evening. And boyars also did not begin to remind. And so not bad was to them.

And only the small fry, who where hidden with bitterness looked at the country thrown. Yes the carrion crows over the fields which became empty croaked and prevented the tsar-father to sleep - to rest.