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Victor Tsoi - in what a secret?

Are possible, this article would look more actually closer by August 15, however most of all I do not love a binding to dates. All the same, as if there is a wish to give a gift now, and it is necessary to wait to a certain instruction in a calendar. However, exactly hysteria - 20 - the anniversary from the date of Tsoi`s death - pushed on August 15, 2010 me on these reflections concerning a phenomenon of his personality, its songs. At once I will tell - its songs are pleasant to me, but without fanaticism. You should not idolize the one who to divine is not privy. I want to understand objectively and impartially therefore and with ecstasy writes those who is inclined to pray for Victor`s the image on walls “Tsoi is living“ better this article not to read. Tsoi is dead, and it will be a starting point for my reflections.

during blossoming of popularity of Kino group - from 1988 to 1990 - I was less than 20 years old, and I accurately got to srednestatisticheky number of their admirers. Those years in the country there were serious transformations, but for me rather milestone event was the fact that the press began to publish materials about the musicians interesting me. Now it is difficult to believe in it, but earlier to read something about the same Tsoi, Kinchev, Grebenshchikov, Makarevich, Romanov, Nikolsky and so forth it was almost impossible. And it was possible to dream of reliable information only because if in the capitals about these people at least rumors went, then on the way to us, to the province, and rumors disappeared completely on open spaces of our immense Homeland. In the second half 80 - x the situation exchanged, information hunger of the newspaper began to be satisfied slowly, and I greedy swallowed then of any data on the teams loved by me and their leaders.

One more characteristic sign of that time - to the printing word could be trusted so far. The concept of public relations did not appear yet, actors by scandals did not begin to be untwisted and information on them was still information. So wrote about Tsoi?

A besides enthusiastic hysterics inherent in that time a certain edition published once nearly the autobiography of the singer, and there one remarkable event: not to get to army, Victor constantly studied in various technical training colleges, then to graduates of professional education the annual delay from conscription service was put. Tsoi also kantovatsya from one “koblukha“ to another, at the same time earning a living by the fireman.

in principle, the phenomenon it for those times quite ordinary. Very many people whose thoughts differed from official opinion were forced to work at elementary works. But if in Makarevich, Grebenshchikov, Romanov, Nikolsky, Kinchev`s songs the thought, ability to abstraction, grace of a syllable was visible, then Tsoi`s songs is an obvious flow of words of the lifelong vocational student and fireman whom he actually also was. But there is a lawful question - why it is listened not only by street muggers and nonconformists, and and serious people? Why from its songs tears even at such moron how I well up? Unless matter only in nostalgia by youth how tried to explain to me is my wife? No, of course not. Nostalgia is Modern Talking, it is Bad Boys Blue if who remembers, it is the Forum with Victor Saltykov etc. Nostalgia is memories of the first discos, the first girl, carelessness of a school time and lack of freight of responsibility. And to attract here songs of “Cinema“, though they sang on behalf of the person who is not burdened with responsibility it would be simply incorrect.

So in what a secret? In what a secret of the singer who is not able to sing plainly and the musician who is not able to play plainly? In what a secret of the poet in a limited lexicon who did not promote further technical training college and not wishing to repay a debt to the country? Unless it is not enough same which tried to win the hearts, but are nowadays forgotten? Unless it is not enough of those who sang and sing about simple things, as well as Victor Tsoi? But they will hardly be remembered how it. Tsoi sang

about simple things and lived as he sang. It was amazingly sincere in the words and acts. It returned us, those who came off simplicity and the truth back, to sources. In it it has very fine something in common with Forest Gump who does not hesitate to say that at it on heart and to do that to it heart orders. Such we were in the childhood, did not cave in under the dominating maturity with its motto yet: “Have another“. Victor`s secret in that, perhaps, that without being a clinical moron (it is the diagnosis, not a curse) as Forest Gump, he managed not to cave in soul, having remained honest and sincere as the child. It is nostalgia too, but other sort. It is nostalgia which reminds us what we have to be instead of the one whom we are. However, can return not late everything, can it is worth trying at least.

Vladislav Sayapin.