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“Desyatochki - the Gold mine“.

All residents of rather large cities for certain faced in the practice suburban railway transport!

Recently it is much exaggerated opinions concerning Russian Railways, and also statements that the suburban railway transport is not repaid and today - it is unprofitable. What at the same time is crossed with opinions and reasonings of passengers that also have to pay extra in it for such service and quality of transportations - in the summer stuffy and hot, in the winter cold, it is almost impossible to sit down at all seasons of the year.

I will not concern today the small cities where “complete outrage“ in this sphere is created. Let`s concern megalopolises, and in particular the capital and so-called “gold mine“ in which without this carrier presently whatever one may do - anywhere!

In the morning and in the evening inhabitants of the suburb hurry for work and from work in crowded cars of electric trains, dreaming of the fastest liberating on freedom, and pouring out at each other a mental negative and rage.

I remember about five years ago spiteful and loud statements that Luzhkov will enclose all Moscow with turnstiles soon, - so in principle and it happened as a result - to get to the capital, without having faced the electronic watchman or a post of traffic police it is almost impossible.

But any turnstile to “hare“ not a hindrance if law enforcement officers at stations of landing and disembarkation are ready to help it with it. Treasured paper “desyatochka“ gives “green light“ to all who do not wish to jump from platforms, to climb through lattices and to run across ways in search of a treasured opening on will. At an entry into stations many climb in pockets and purses not behind tickets and travel cards, and behind chervonets! Yes, yes! Behind usual paper ten. It as practice shows, grants the magic right for free pass at any station, any direction of the Moscow Railroads. For passengers economy essential! On average the passenger of an electric train Cockerels - Moscow saves a day about 400 rubles , at journey there and back, I think if to increase by the number of the working days, then in a month for the family working in Moscow there is an essential economy! Well and small daily “award“ to a salary for all employees of station, especially at a flow of passengers in rush hours. About unprofitability of the Russian Railway at that moment, I think neither those, nor others reflect - at court everyone is for himself !

In what here a problem and as to solve it! And whether it is solved finally!

Many would agree to pay the moderate price for quality and comfort and to use them, bringing in at the same time the income to the state.

Also I think even if to carry out all ideas of the management of the Russian Railway and to let in each car on the controller and to put at each turnstile on the security guard, we will go for a long time to that level at which there are EU countries and many others already today.

The situation both in the subway and in city land transport is same. The question becomes ripe!

When all of us - will become civilized passengers, with civilized habits and acts and we will cease to storm turnstiles, to jump from platforms, to run on rails and to look for easy ways and free openings.