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The best movie of Steven Seagal? “Over the law“ - a debut and the highest point of career

Disappointment - here key feeling which I had after revision of a tape of Andrew Davies “Over the law“.

Passed already, it dread to think, 22 years from the moment of an exit of this fighter, and for some reason it seemed to me that from time position he will not lose the charm. Alas, I cruelly was mistaken.

As far as I was satisfied with repeated viewing “Unperturbable“, so I missed on the debut movie of Steven Seagal. Trying to rethink the impressions, I came to the following: nostalgia forced me to overestimate this picture obviously.

For those who are not aware (I know, there are also such), - it is short about a plot. Young (it does not matter that at the time of a release of the movie to Segal 37 years were executed) the police officer Nicolo of Tuscany was born in Italy. The name “Nicko“ appeared just from reduction of a name of the main character; in several European countries the tape went under this heading therefore in Russia both correct translations, and the translations from the cartridges which are already duplicated in Europe met.

So, he was born in Italy, in Palermo. Then Nicko with parents moved to the States, and at the age of 17 years went to study to Japan to oriental martial arts, in particular aikido. Having reached in this case certain heights, Nicko caught sight to CIA - to screws which were not slow to take away the guy under the wing. Then Nicko, being already an employee of intelligence agencies, came to be in Vietnam where, however, did not manage to be late for a long time from - for heightened sense of honesty and own advantage.

Having looked at cruel methods of local bone-setters under a certain Curt Zeygon`s leadership (Henry Silva), Nicko dirty swore, properly pripechatat Zeygon on very disgusting ugly face and left back home. Having returned home, Nicko left CIA (yes, took and left, and you as thought), became staid, married and became ordinary, not remarkable Chicago police officer (well except that he can cut down any in couple of blows, and his wife - the poured-out Sharon Stone).

The past will always find how to remind of itself. Nicko, without suspecting that is got involved in unpleasant, sticky business, arrests in a planned order of the Salvadorian drug dealer Tony Salvano. However instead of habitual bags of powdery substance on a crime scene explosive C - 4 is found out that even for such thorough bastard as Salvano, uncharacteristically. As usual, FBI right there interposes in the matter, criminals are released in the same evening on freedom, and polices give a flick - a pier, do not put it where does not follow. And point.

Nicko, by itself, a fig does not agree with such clumsy deal because he is more useless that any wrinkled and muffled jackets from FBI specified to the former employee of CIA where to go and what to do. Following the principle “one in the field soldier“, Jax arrange to Tuscany together with the workmate own investigation. And here problems begin to pour on them as if from a horn of plenty. At first there are some refugees from the countries of Latin America, then during a Sunday mass in church the bomb blows up and the good friend Nicko, the father Gennaro perishes. And in end of a picture on the horizon there is again our old acquaintance Zeygon who, appears, still creates all excesses and even (oh, horror!) is going to make attempt at life of senator of the USA. Kakva you understand, to our hero, overcoming counteraction from all law enforcement bodies, it is necessary to deal with the gone too far bandits independently. Mission is executed, all are happy.

To the tape “Over the Law“ the director Andrew Davies managed to shoot only 4 movies, from them one short film, one drama, one horror film and one ordinary boyevichok with Chuck Norris and the same Henry Silva`s participation under the name “Code of Silence“ (1985). As the highest point of career of Davies it is possible to consider the movie “Fugitive“ with Harrison Ford which became a cash hit of 1993 and presented to Tommy Lee Jones of the Oscar for the best supporting role. As for “Over the law“, here Andrew everything is blundered, having removed though the strong, but standard and tightened action.

To Steven Seagal, for which “Nicko“ became a debut in cinema, all prophesied glory of the new hero of fighters. So it also left, only all sincerely hoped that Segal will be able to take the place of the aging Stallone and Schwarzenegger or at least to make them the worthy competition. Alas, buddy Segal did not equal hopes of the admirers. At first he still tried to come to level “A“, acting in strong middlings like “Death contrary to“, “Marked with death“ or “In a siege“, and then finally slid in category “B“ where remains to this day.

Why it was not pleasant to me specifically “Over the law“? Yes because, except as on young, full of hopes and Segal`s energy to look there in general and there is nothing. Everywhere identical Henry Silva, as usual, is good in an image of the villain though with his face to it other roles were never offered (“Amazons on the Moon“ are not counted). Other characters frankly knit action of the movie the despondency and a dullness. It is unclear why the necessary workmate Jax performed by Pam Griyer, narrow-minded and antsy Salvano, absolutely excess character of the former colleague Nicko from Nelson Fox (Chelsie Ross`s) CIA.

The scenario written by Davies and Segal does not shine with originality too. Everything that was near at hand is added in a heap: police, drug dealers, refugees, explosive, CIA, FBI, poor Latin children and honest senators. I understand, there was a wish on topic of the day and it is fervent also with humour and a spark. From humour - only Sharon Stone as the careful wife and mother. The rest - is too serious, too rectilinear.

Me only episodes when Segal shows for the sake of what it was taken in cinema on the screen were personally remembered, - the skill of aikido. And the remarkable, simply ideally suited for a genre an action music of the composer David Michael Frank.

Someone on Kinopoisk in reviews (there all who feel like it, however, write: both housewives, and students, and even pets) loudly declares that “Over the law“ - nearly the best fighter of the eightieth. In any case, the best fighter of the XX century!

The statement if ask me, very doubtful. Especially if to remember about existence of “Kommando“, “Rambo“ and “The deadly weapon“. And on IMDb at the movie very modest rating - 5. 5 that speaks for itself. Yes, it is a debut of darling many (the truth, it is unclear for what) the actor. Yes, in general the movie delays on the firm four minus. But no more.

It especially is sad that in actor`s career of Segal “Over the law“ - actually the best movie. From all 38.