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Who is advanced more willingly on an office ladder? The expert, the Manager, the Station wagon

“Whom to me to advance on an office ladder? To the level of my deputy? Whom to make the “right hand“?“ - the CEO of firm, say, under the name “Nanisty technologies“ scratched a bald skull . Left hand General scratched a nape, and the right eye looked at the right hand put in a fist.

The head of firm in this concrete case needs the major after him people, to “the right hand“ . In mind it has three candidates. Also all of us will open three files on applicants and together with the leading person of Nanisty Technologies firm we will make a right choice. The competent solution of this task will make a pochesyvaniye of own bald head the CEO more conscious. So, we take in hand the first file .

1. Expert. Sergey

we Will name him Sergey. This guy knows the direction in “Nanisty technologies“ is as healthy as the very few. He studies the narrow subject constantly, digging it is deeper and deeper. Any particle of new information on its concrete direction instantly appears on a desktop of Sergey. Sometimes, apparently, that Serega very much already knows about the concrete subject that a droplet it becomes opposite, and there is a desire to slightly strangle the guy. Well, that not very much philosophized and did not “pose as“.

The Serega pores over highly specialized literature on the subject, corresponds with professors of several universities and if it gets out outside, then only on rare seminars and symposiums on its concrete subject. And here if to ask Sergey something not on his specialization, for example, who, heads in “Nanisty technologies“ department, say, of marketing, then the guy will become puzzled and purely on logic will answer: “Person“. About accounts department Sergey knows only that it charges to him a salary. And it to it is enough. About department of personnel it knows only that it is a certain room where hang out behind a rabotnichka kofeechok. If to invite Sergey “to an office party“ by motor ship, then he will take offense, will ask not to swear at its presence indecent words, but not that it can send to itself you “to an office party“ , and will leave gloomy.

But if the answer to almost any question on a subject is necessary that is developed in firm by Sergey, then not to find of the best expert for many hundreds of kilometers. And it plunges into the direction as deeply as the athlete on a diving. At first springing on a springboard, then jumps to the pool and enters a blue smooth surface vertically. Almost to the bottom.

And in studying of the direction at work. Sergey almost concerns Truth finger-tips, but only only almost. If it all - reaches Truth as the mathematician Perelman made, the world will gasp with the Serezhiny genius and will try to encourage it. Or to destroy as very clever. Here, as will carry. Here what highly professional expert appears in the first file of the applicant for a post of the deputy of the CEO of Nanisty Technologies firm.

2. Manager. Nikolay

From the second file on us and on the employer looks always a clean-shaven face, say, of Nikolay. The guy`s forehead so glossy that there is a wish to run a finger over a cheek to remove a little the top luster. Someone even noticed that a physiognomy at Kolya rather impudent. The guy has the front of work, but Kolya considers that it is not enough to it to be engaged only in the subject. He actively participates in corporate life of Nanisty Technologies firm. advertizing, IT - divisions Likes to drop in in sales department, marketing. Wishes to be whispered with the bookkeeper about features of the taxation of the hi-tech companies.

Kolya, like a queen on a chessboard, flies from one end of office to another, getting into all offices and being constantly crossed with the CEO. At the same time the guy can be put to direct practically any department because he has general idea in any direction, whether it be sales, marketing, an advertizing, accounts department, computer technologies. And to deepen the knowledge in the sphere entrusted it in management, Kolya can easily, as if effortlessly. He is moderately sociable, always perfectly looks, does not miss corporate actions by absent-mindedness and always knows when birthday at colleagues. Especially at the administration. At last, Kohl`s sees structure of the company as on a X-ray , so, understands essence, so to speak, of “Nanisty technologies“. So, the second candidate - bright, versatile, disciplined and presentable small. Puts forward sometimes interesting organizational ideas.

3. Versatile person. Tatyana

From the third file on us looks a girlish face. Hair are accurately combed back and collected in a bunch. Call her, for example, Tatyana. She can entrust the most versatile simple work in any department. Tatyana a lot of things is able, but from - for natural modesty does not stick out it. Even its make-up differs in moderation, not clamorousness. It is efficient.

When in firm a work involving all hands, Tatyana is nominated to such sites of work where assiduity and ability to cope with monotonous work is required. About it speak: “Our Tanya is Jack of all trades!“ . In it its force! But not in a business grasp and ability to competently present to the administration results of the work. The administration appreciates Tanya modesty, universality in the solution of tasks.

So, the CEO of “Nanisty technologies“ made a choice from three files for the second, that is “manager“. Why? Because Nikolay owns a broad outlook on intra company problems, perfectly presents the company in an external circle.

The first applicant - the superprofessional Sergey and is engaged in the narrow subject and is pride of firm. In few places you will find such expert. A salary at it high.

Tatyana entrusted to head small department: it has in submission three persons. She is happy and up an office ladder does not aspire yet. As far as the choice General on distribution of posts was correct - will show time.