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How to repair the mixer? The citizen does not have

At the adjusted service need at all to understand technical subtleties of water shutoff valves. The movement of a hand - and water of the required temperature flows from the crane a thin stream or tiny similarity of mountain falls. Some malfunction - it does not matter, specialists of housing service in a moment will correct it.

But, as we know, which - where and which - who at us a time … Well, you understand … Therefore some technical knowledge even for the blonde and her husband - the pianist happen not so superfluous.

The mixer is in each bathroom or kitchen. Usually - such brilliant handsome with long “nose“ and two handles. You Krutant one - water cold, another - hot will run.

The most ancient design disappearing under it is red - blue handles - the worm gear topped with the small round rubber laying locking an inlet opening. This mechanism is called the crane - an axle box.

The vast majority of troubles of such mixers from - for laying. They wear out and do not hold a pressure. As a result “cranes leak“ as option - “pipes hoot“. An exit one - to block water, to disassemble the mixer and to replace laying.

Sometimes there is absolutely an unpleasant thing - brand new laying regularly serves only several days then as though there was no repair, from the blocked mixer begins to drip slowly and then and to run a thin stream water.

Means, came it is time to repair “saddle“, that place against which laying rests, blocking a water stream. Quite often here dredging and cracks with which “sharoshka“ will help to cope is formed.

It is such specific mill in the case. The case is rolled to the place of the worm crane, and the mill is rotated by means of a drill, or “øàðîøàò“ manually. Sinks and agnails are rolled, purity of a surface of “saddle“ is restored. It is possible to establish fresh laying - will serve long.

Alternative to a worm gear - the crane - axle boxes with ceramic disks. On the dimensions they are completely identical. To the place of the unreliable crane with rubber laying the ceramics becomes without problems.

The design of the locking mechanism is simple. Two disks with openings are responsible for water supply. If the provision of openings coincides - it is possible to wash and brush teeth, it is worth turning the handle - water flow is blocked.

To owners of mixers with ceramics prokladochno - the sharoshechny epic does not threaten. Several years ceramic the crane - axle boxes modestly do not remind of the existence. If water began to be blocked not completely, it is simple to eliminate defect. There is enough, having removed the handle, to weaken a lock-nut on the crane case, to twirl it more feasibly and again to tighten a lock-nut.

Instead of two-valve mixers recently even more often use one-lever. Both the pressure, and water temperature is regulated by the same lever: a pressure up - down, temperature to the left - to the right.

In such mixers spherical or disk cartridges are used. On my supervision - the last are much more often. Cartridges are reliable and durable, though is more expensive than the rubber laying which set the teeth on edge.

Need of replacement of a cartridge is visible with the naked eye. Or “the crane runs“ as usual, or from the mixer water in “the places which are not put“, for example from - under the lever begins to exude.

Externally all one-lever mixers are similar as brothers, but interiors of “sharovik“ do not approach “diskacha“. Buying a cartridge, it is necessary to know well what is necessary.

It is simple to replace a cartridge if the owner at least once saw how something similar becomes. In the absence of experience it is for the first time better to address the plumber and to observe his work. The main difficulty is that the beautiful mixer externally looks absolutely non-demountable that actually at all not so.