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Shefinya of

She does not enter, and runs in office the sure evil, angry gait.

She shortly throws all “Hello!“ so what clear - she absolutely it does not want to do, but, as if, it is necessary …

She is a director, and, so the lady, and, so it is necessary, on all concepts.

She talks equally badly, equally to superiority, is equally haughty and angry both with subordinates, and with chiefs, and with clients, and with own daughter - the teenager.

She so speaks to the management “Yes, understood!“ what becomes clear at once that she understood, and it is better not to ask questions.

The subordinate she so speaks “To you clearly?!“ what becomes clear and disgusting at once.

She asks the daughter “As it, “the three?!“ so what you begin to suspect - the little girl or will run away from the house today, or tomorrow to her six lessons at school will be sick to sit on a bottom...

She does not order in a separate office, she isolates the throne glass partitions on which perimeter employees - monkeys nestle on walls. And you cannot quietly, without its peeping in a mouth, eat sandwich, answer by phone to the husband “And I you too …“.

And, God forbid, to call on personal records - you always under suspicion, watch you, observe you. And already delivered you a cross for delay on the previous meeting the next last Monday on which she, his initiator, “was late“ for a couple of hours. And for each cross you will be fined dollars ten and to spit that it is wrong, illegal and on - collective-farm somehow smells of shit.

To the one who brought the application for dismissal at own will, it is right there reported that he and so was dismissed tomorrow so... Fi …

She loves money and is able to consider them. Without giving the rest of you of dollars three hundred in a salary, it carefully counts three kopeks - delivery for the soaps and toilet paper bought by you on firm.

It is well-groomed, dressed well, without call, strictly and expensively. It has an elegant hairstyle of a caret. But on the bitch it falls short (as if she wanted it) - and men are afraid of it as fire, and the hair color, though dark, to a wing of a raven did not ripen.

And to something here, I will not understand, this curl thoughtless over the right eyebrow...

She smiles only to money, only good transactions, only the girlfriend - “six“ Nina.

If it is not at office, Ninka sticks to all with sad “Well, how are you doing?“ that right there to find something in any answer not that and to inform the shefena.

On a face of her deputy it is visible that he wants to leave, but he - not resolute, timid, shy, not capable of global acts, he will suffer to a heart attack, and there … as it will turn out … He leaves, shrinks, decreases in the weight and the sizes, takes a cigarette from a table box and goes to a toilet to endure and feel sorry for himself.

It … It such disgusting …

the Careerist …

Near it is not breathed by

, is not, is not worked.

It …

It such angry …

it wants to be strangled, drowned, pinched a door, to exhale a sigarette smoke in a face …

, how old is she, can argue On that. Also it is possible to lose as easily how to win: more than thirty, but less than fifty - guess - I do not want!

“Taming obstinate“ - is not about it.

“Taming obstinate“ - is not for it.

It, in general, some any …

She is a bitch, the cobra, the angry shrew …

It is a power vampire, she eats you for days on end, without putting forward, in general, any claims and requirements. It everything is simple and hates all. And you do not manage to thumb through textbooks on the fan - Shui and “to put walls - barriers“ against her.

To leave, forget cheaper, to address God with a candle for its health … And not to fray nerves, to go to work, as to penal servitude, nizzya!!! It is possible to die.

And suddenly you learn that she … she … she … She is pregnant with



Bor - e - e - exchange?!

AA … aa … Yes, this most … Who is it?! How it?! You cannot just present how it can do IT. Children, in sense … She is married

?! - that - se - e - e!!!

And husband normal?!


And you do not understand how IT could happen to it … As though, she is the representative of other subspecies human, the alien, an animal unclear … it smiles to

I …

I ice cream is … tells

I to the daughter: “Yes horse-radish with it, with this “two“!

And it

I the curl over an eyebrow became more clear to spit on transactions, on firm, on us, on you, for salaries …...

She goes to have a rest! She goes to the decree!

Prescribed it tranquility.

My God as it is good, as shefin are able to give birth!