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How to pass examination of IELTS to live, study and work abroad?

the Most pronounced word in a teacher`s room were the word “ielts“. It was told usually with a shiver in a voice and rolling of eyes. Everything that I knew about this combination of letters - that it is the International examination which is taken without fail by those who are going to immigrate, work or study abroad.

of “9 points“ is considered the highest mark, native speakers can only receive it … (though, of course, there are exceptions!) . If, on the total amount of tests, you gathered “6“, then you are an experienced user. To some foreign firms, hiring foreigners, it is enough to show also the Certificate with “four“ (average level), but it is option - not for winners! To usually hand over IELTS go on two, and even on four - five times to gather long-awaited “6“.

And here day of delivery of IELTS came! The night before to me as to the beginner - the observer, the most detailed instructing about that was carried out, that “is possible“ at examination . It appeared - only one is possible: it is diligent to take examination! All the rest (to carry by mobile phones, to drink tablets, to take the pencils, notebooks, to ask something in Russian, it is strictly forbidden to change, use the draft copies. To a toilet - only with the teacher! On examination - only with the passport. Counting - constant.)

… Saturday morning. 08:00. On streets - rare gloomy passersby. And only at doors of teacher`s college - the company of bodryachok: nervously the smokers embracing the parents and young people who are convulsively peering at cribs and hysterically laughing.

Begins registration, according to passports. One of candidates is long and fixedly studied by the examiner as the photo in the passport does not coincide with reality: a short hairstyle - there, and long hair - here. Eventually, the nervous student receives “good“ on an entrance.

One person from the list is absent. I don`t think! Even with Kabardino - Balkaria. Even if I will wake him a call now - that as it will appear at examination in 15 minutes? I gather mobile:

- Good morning! You did not forget that you have an examination today? - Is not present

!!! - heart-rending shout is heard in a tube. - I already approach!

Thank God, now all 24 persons on places. And here along a corridor still someone rushes: - Wait for

, I did not kiss the wife on good luck!

- Well, excuse: now, if it does not hand over, you also will be guilty!

Come into audience on three, take seats according to certain places. Bags - aside. With - only the passport and a bottle with water. The Moscow examiners from VKS center friendly nod, explain an order of examination in English and say the last phrase: “Good luck!“. Then saturated work begins (to me even it seems that in ideal silence of audience the scratch of brains is heard!).

1 stage - audition ( of Listening ). It is necessary to listen to a monologue, dialogue and then conversation of three foreigners and to answer questions on the text. The most unpleasant that ciphered word is told very quickly as if “badly chewed“ (obviously to confuse examined!) .

At once behind this task there comes the 2nd part - reading ( of Reading ).

In audience becomes intolerable hot, and I carefully open a door in a corridor. Towards to me on the empty institute the cat is stolen …. Was not enough yet! I was so frightened of terrifying stories how in some audience wind blew off nominal cards of students and what chaos began with tables. I with an iron face take the first step to a cat and I block pass. She understands that she will not pass and quietly retires.

3rd stage: writing of the essay. It after examination they with a fright will approach teachers and will ask: “And reduce for Writing if separately everyone wrote letters, but not together?“. (Do not worry, do not reduce!) And now just were delighted to the given handles (someone did not get used to write with a pencil!) also went deep into compositions on a free subject.

At this time in a corridor there is someone`s figure again. The young man goes on tiptoe and in a whisper asks:

- Long to them still?

- 40 …

- Would like to support Minutes somehow … - it is not necessary to

! She will see you now and everything will forget! Suffer.

After 3 - x hours of saturated work at last there comes the break. At all is an hour and a half that to have a bite something and to move to our center for delivery of the last stage - interview.

the First are caused non-residents (that there was time to come back home not after midnight!) . On Speaking gives only 14 minutes, and here - as will carry with a subject. Can ask to describe the best friend, and the subject “Clothes styles“ can get, and here ignorant it is necessary to sweat. Each interview with the candidate registers in a dictophone therefore it is better not to ask the examiner to speak more slowly - easily it is possible to lose half-point …

Day comes to an end (the last Rostov students approach on interview to 19. 00.!) . This day we recognized each of them from the best party:

We, literally, fell in love with Ivan and Tatyana, spouses from Krasnodar who decided to leave children under supervision of grandmothers, and driving on examination of 5 hours the car through fog and a rain to begin new life with all family where - nibud in Britain or Canada. We support by

Konstantin who already for the second time takes examination of IELTS to open the matter in Sweden.

We rejoice for the desperate woman Marina who just decided to be successful and happy and goes to Canada together with 7 - the summer son that there most to build the future. We wish

good luck 16 - the summer Olechka ready to storm the abroad to work and study. “Half-point is precisely father`s merit: it is the whole day with me, has a sleep slightly - slightly in the car while we handed over here, and again - for a wheel! “ We admire

Sayeeda - the young, fragile girl who arrived to examination from Kabardino - Balkaria, together with the father, the sister of mercy who decided to become, by all means, in the British hospice too. Who knows, maybe, from our easy giving the audience leaves future Mother Teresa!

I we on - kind envy all of them because at them, really, most interesting everything only begins! GOOD LUCK to YOU, children!