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Where to go in the fall?

Autumn Crimea.

Why most of tourists and fans of the Crimea come here only in the summer. Yes, in the summer the Crimea boils and rages tourists, the warm sea attracts to itself. And actually Crimea the most beautiful and captivating in the fall. It is the best of all to take vacation at the end of September - the beginning of October and to jerk on the South of Ukraine. At this time the Crimea burns with unforgettable paints. The sea still warm (happened as in October temperature of the sea stuck to 20 degrees), and is not a lot of people, the prices are lower than in the summer (not only on housing, but also all services sector). At this time it is the best of all to take a walk in the Mountain Crimea. In mountains it is possible it is possible to wander for hours, the Crimean woods are full berry trees - a sloe, apple-trees, a cornel. It is possible to go to posobirat berries, and it is possible also mushrooms (but it already as will carry), say that the mushroom picker not everyone can be. I want to advise you the best two weeks in the Crimea. Let`s call this route - Mountains - the Sea. For a start go to Bakhchisarai (the central Crimea), to it it is the best of all to gather additionally from Simferopol by bus. There it is possible to have cheap a hotel accommodation and to travel on vicinities. It is the Ancient Crimea - an era is felt here. It is necessary to visit the Hansky Palace is the former residence of the Crimean khans. Here is what to look at is and a hansky kitchen and the place where there lived also the harem, well and of course “The fountain got down“ which A.S. Pushkin “advertized“ in the poem “Bakhchsarai Fountain“. After the Palace - it is necessary to visit the former man`s monastery - Sacredly - the Uspensky cave monastery. From the name it is clear that the part monastryya is in caves and grottoes. That is just in the rock cells and service premises of monks - an unforgettable show are hollowed. After the monastery it is necessary to visit the medieval fortified city Chufut - Calais, it is not far from the monastery. So in one day it is possible to visit both the monastery and the fortified city. Chunut - Calais bewitches especially in the fall too. When the woods around the fortified city are poured by fiery paints from brightly - yellow to claret. Here skilled guides will tell you all story of the ancient city. Do not forget to take with yourself a little food and a small bottle of the Crimean wine. After long walk - it will be fine to sit on picturesque break and will enjoy in the fall in the Crimea.

Further our travel follows not much on Hugo - the East - we go in poselek Falcon, there it is possible to remove a wooden lodge with a fireplace at local population. From Bakhchisarai in Falcon buses so problems it is possible to reach this corner of the Crimea go. In Falcon at first sight there is nothing to do, but this wrong opinion if you removed housing - that at way from a poslek is at once in five kilometers much the known Grand Canyon of the Crimea - and just in the fall it is the most beautiful. It is possible to bathe in “A youth bathtub“ is a natural bathtub in the river. Unforgettable feelings. And after all campaigns and walks on the local woods it is better to have a rest near a fireplace or will take a steam bath in a bath (them in the settlement enough). And for the next morning will go on Ai - Petri by car (locals for money without problems will bring to a plateau. On Ai - Petri (height of 1234 m above sea level) life boils till November, and wholesale again wakes up in the winter when snow drops out. At top it is possible to take a walk, sit at small restaurant, to be photographed. It is possible and spend the night if very much it wants (the truth of the price bite - and conditions leave much to be desired). It is the best of all to spuskitsya on a ropeway in a miskhor (the vicinity of Yalta) and will go down to the sea. And here already to spend the rest rest - days 5 it is possible to breathe sea air, to be bought in the tender sea, to take a walk in vicinities of Yalta. I think you will not forget such fall. And the Crimea to you will open from the new party.