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What professions will be well paid in 20 years?

Are decided to make independent of anybody, except common sense, the analysis and the forecast of what professions will be vysokooplachivayema in 20 years.

of the Reason on which the profession is highly paid:

1) high turnover of the capital in the sphere to which the specialty belongs;

2) rare specialty and at the same time having a strategic importance for society;

3) the profession demanding the high level of devotion, talent, diligence, physical and mental endurance.

Whether the experts demanded in labor market well receive? No. The demand of a profession and its oplachivayemost are in nonlinear dependence. Teachers are demanded now? Yes. But they receive pathetic remains. Janitors in Moscow receive almost identical salary with teachers of the public Moscow schools.

It is undoubted that payment of a profession depends on a tendency of the movement of the state on the way of progress or regress. As well as in the company of the people who got used to follow the leader, the states of the world community are guided by the developed countries. Without economic knowledge of economy (GDP, GNP, SR and others) we will tell that the developed countries are the countries setting quality of life of the population and tone scientifically - technical progress.

Therefore, that which corresponds to a course scientifically - technical progress of the developed countries will be a highly paid profession.

For 20 years ahead

the High-tech electronic industry gains steam. Transition of the world of reality to virtuality is made. Compare to development of new measurement. It means, high-class designers of microelectronics (also nanotechnologies enter here), highly specialized in the profile, will have the excellent income. Now development of high-speed electronic technologies in Russia is in a dejectedness. Same has a strategic importance for the country which wants to exist as the state.

There will be a global computerization. All financial money turnover will be electronic, the computer crime which began 20 years ago in the USA will blossom, and now extends with acceleration of gravity on Earth and in Russia. Law enforcement officers, but not police officers and OMON, but the specialists in information security urged to protect information whose work demands high analytical, technical, social skills will fight against it. Specialists in information security will be demanded everywhere and paid everywhere.

There will be a change in the personnel military sphere: final transition of army to the contract.

Teachers of the higher schools will receive a good salary as all higher education will be for money, so-called private higher education.

If only our country exists in 20 years what I sincerely trust in and everything I advise to trust, and there will be no accident on Earth, then will look