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How to get rid of points?

your work is connected with the computer? Perhaps, you work with the small text or fine details? Then at us is which - that the general. Sooner or later we are fated to get points.

Only a secret that actually points are not necessary to you . That is you, of course, can use them as an accessory, but they will not bring benefit to your eyes.

There is a simple example: at you the back strongly ached. Everyone happens, maybe, pulled or it blew. It is necessary to take in hand a cane or even the improvised crutch.

There passed couple of days, it became better for you, and you instinctively try to get rid as soon as possible of “the third leg“, if not to make it, the body will begin to get used to it. And there is too much at you affairs that “to hobble gradually“.

But what happens to points? Having put on time, you will carry them until the end of life as if it is your sentence. But it not so! It is only the illusion created by sellers of points. Unless is not present?

Whereas we will arrive? We can go and give up in captivity to the oculist who will choose to us nice glasses which we will drop, forget, to wipe with a rag on a frost.

Brrr... Well is not present! If it is not a surgical case, we will go some other way. We will train eyes. Especially as it is much simpler, than it seems. There are hundreds of ways it to do, but I will tell only about one. And not because I am sorry, just I am sure: knowing many ways, you will not use any of them.

The matter is that all these trainings are necessary for achievement only of one result - relaxation of your eyes. And for this purpose one good way suffices provided that you will use it consciously.

Therefore - here it is a necessary and sufficient way which you can use at any time (except, perhaps, dream).

You translate a look . Yes. So simply. Just you transfer a look from near objects on distant and back.

Only do not forget about sensibleness. If you begin to sparkle randomly eyes back - forward, it will look silly and advantage will bring a little. You have to not only look regarding, but also to see it.

You remember blue little men from the movie “Avatars“? They absolutely definitely spoke “I see you“, but not “I look at you“. What does it mean? It means that when they look at someone, pay all the attention to it, but not just slide on it a look. Therefore try to see what you look at. That is, to see all details of object of the supervision.

How to make it? Very simply. Stop the look. Do not allow it to jump without your permission.

There is one nuance, from - for whom it can not turn out. These are your thoughts. If during training you think of something foreign, then you will not manage to subdue the eyes. It is necessary to hold attention on what you see. To think of what you see. And it is better - not to think at all, it is simply conscious to observe.

Considering all aforesaid what exercise at us has to turn out as a result? And where it can be practiced?

We will begin with the last question. It is possible to train eyes anywhere. For example, on the way for work or at the computer and in any place where you have at least half-minute in which you do not need to think of anything.

Here exercise :

1. We look at some far subject. For example, on a tree or on an advertizing billboard. We try to make out it in detail and to realize everything that on it is represented.

2. We transfer eyes to the closest to us a subject. For example, on a window frame, if we indoors, or on the upper edge of the monitor. It will be healthy if these objects are on one line and you should not move eyes strongly. Just focus a look, trying not to strain.

3. 4. 5... Now we look afar again - and again at the next subject. And so, yet you will not begin to be tired.

Were tired - blink a little (properly to moisten mucous) and you move eyes in different directions. To remember the main thing that our purpose - not squint, and relaxation.

Worked - we have a rest. Close eyes for several seconds (if you not the bus driver on a workplace). It is not necessary to think of anything. Dumanye will force you to strain again therefore - simply we watch the internal state.

How there our breath? It is slowed down? Heart? Calmed down? Remarkably. We just prolonged to ourselves life for couple of days.

It is possible to open eyes and to continue the usual life. But only already without points - after regular performance of exercise, of course. Present them to someone to another.