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How it is the most effective to look for work on the Internet?

the World wide web with the emergence considerably facilitated to applicants job search process. However on the other hand, it also complicated it: on the Internet there is a lot of the different websites on work, and “fermentation“ on them will take away a lot of time. It means that for job search it is necessary to use the most effective tools. At the same time it is important to miss nothing, to manage to involve possibilities of the Internet fully.

So, I will list all main channels of job search on the Internet.

1. The websites on work

Happen as the general, and specialized (vacancies in a certain branch, vacancy for young specialists, etc.) . On some websites on work of coordinate of employers are public. However on the majority of job - there are no websites of such opportunity: you can only respond to vacancy by means of your summary posted on this website (but not in “Word“, and the filled template). Employers can also invite you to interview, having found your summary through search in keywords (here it is very important to make correctly the summary on job - the website).

Some websites on work publish “original“ vacancies, others collect announcements of employers and recruitment agencies from a set of other job - the websites, simplifying your task.

It is not obligatory to use everything from them: to find work in the large city, 2 - 3 leading job - the websites can appear enough.

2. The websites of the printing editions publishing vacancies

Such editions can be as specialized (i.e. intended for job search), and unspecialized (i.e. when in the edition there are news and articles of various subject, and vacancies are just published along with other announcements and advertizing or are collected in the separate section devoted to work). It can be both newspapers, and magazines. Usually they paid also leave once a week.

As a rule, in specialized editions on work there is an opportunity to publish the pass - the summary. Unfortunately, not all editions with vacancies which have websites publish on them vacancies. But, fortunately, very many. At the same time a number of editions represents an opportunity not just to look through vacancies, but “to glance over“ the edition by means of electronic service, i.e. as if to watch announcements with vacancies “alive“.

It is also necessary to consider that not always the electronic version of the edition with vacancies can replace the paper original completely. The matter is that on some websites not all vacancies from the “paper“ newspaper are duplicated (and vice versa).

3. Forums on work

At such forums employers place the vacancies, and applicants offer the services. Forums are good the fact that at them vacancies which are not in other sources can be published. Besides there is an opportunity to communicate directly to HR - managers. An opportunity to leave messages at forums usually requires registration.

4. The websites of authorized bodies on work and employment (the Ministry of Labour, an employment service, the state labor exchanges)

can meet by

On the official sites on work too vacancies which are not published in other sources.

5. The websites of recruitment agencies

Often agencies duplicate the vacancies on the Internet and printing editions. But not always. Therefore these websites can also be a valuable source of information by job search.

6. The websites of the companies

As a rule, on them much less visitors, than on the websites on work. Therefore if vacancy was not duplicated in other sources and is not outdated, you have a good chance if not to find a job, then, at least, to be noticed among rather small amount of candidates. Coordinates of departments of personnel on the websites of the companies can be both are available, and is not present. In the latter case to you it is necessary either to fill a form, or to load the summary (if such opportunity is provided).

7. Social networks

Happen as the general plan, and professional. It is possible to use both those, and others. Can be as are effective, and not really. For example, it is possible to enter the group devoted to job search. It is possible to try to contact directly the staff of services of personnel of the companies interesting you. It is possible to write to all the acquaintances (and not really) that you look for work. It is possible to put the status “I look for work“. Work in a certain profession or branch can also be looked for through professional communities.

When you see some vacancy on the Internet, pay attention to date of its placement : it should not be too old. Also sometimes recruiting agencies and employers publish an expiration date vacancy actions (reception of the summary).

And one more important point. If you found in this or that source in the Internet the vacancy interesting you in the company or recruitment agency where you already sent the summary recently, do not hesitate and you are not lazy to resend it. The matter is that the flow of the summary in HR - departments and recruiting agencies very big, and about you easily could be forgotten. Only do not forget to enclose at the same time letter to correctly made cover letter and to specify the name of vacant post in a letter subject.

Success in job search and successful career!