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Time to invest money in real estate.

Real estate in life of each of us are quite serious and important question. And all of us aspire that we had this real estate. In the countries which were a part of the former Soviet Union was considered obligatory to have the certain apartment. The benefit that those years it was for this purpose necessary to work at some plant, factory and to stand in a queue on receiving.

After disintegration of the union in principle the relation to real estate did not exchange, but opportunities for its acquisition became less, it is heavier to make it and it already absolutely costs other money.

In Europe and America many consider optional to have own real estate and prefer to rent it. the Real estate is even perceived as a certain binding to a certain place and for many mobile people is unacceptable.

In the developed western countries it is really possible to take the credit under percent, ridiculous from our point of view, - 3 - 5%. But even it is not incentive for many. People rent quite expensive apartments, pay decent money and such situation is considered quite normal.

Of course, in this article I do not consider people who have money for real estate . Here all is quite obvious. When it is necessary to them - it is bought. People who can buy real estate, but through a certain period are more interesting, utilizing the credit or personal accumulation.

Somehow, I communicated with the guy from Germany. We raised also the real estate question. It had no own apartment, and he did not seek to get it. The example of his parents was the main reason besides high cost of real estate which he called.

According to him his parents spent all life for buying the house. As they were constantly forced to give a certain part of the income (most part), respectively they were limited and had no possibility (money) of a message more interesting life. As a result they achieved the - bought the house, but lost in communication, and as a result they had even no friends. This guy decided to choose by

other way.

Everyone decides itself that to it it is more important in life. Not to regret the main thing about the choice after a while.

But, the question with real estate will become sooner or later and it is better to think of it in advance.

U of those who want to acquire real estate always the question - “Arises when it is the best of all to make it?“

Answers can be different, but, generally, when you have an opportunity it to make when at you the necessary sum of money is available.

As a rule, the real estate becomes cheaper at the time of crises. Crises happen usually to frequency of 7 - 8 years. Now just the whole world endures global crisis, respectively there is now opportunity which should be used . Otherwise then it will be necessary to wait for it again.

Real estate prices sank in certain cases on 50 now, and even more percent (in currency). Usually during crisis of the price fall stronger at once, a certain kickback is possible then. After that the prices approximately remain at one level a plus-minus to steam of percent. Usually this period takes half a year - year. Then there is growth.

Now just there is also that period when the prices do not grow and do not fall. Respectively theoretically in half a year - year of the price will begin to come back to pre-crisis.

What purchase options are possible?

If for purchase of real estate lacks percent 20 - 25, then can consider purchase of primary real estate . As a rule in this case the price of square meter is lower than in already constructed objects. Besides the builder gives payment by installments for the period before input of object. The main thing in this case not to be mistaken with the builder.

Purchase of real estate on credit . Percent of course still high, but the option with a floating interest rate will be interesting (usually it is attached to the deposit size + a certain percent). In process of improvement of an economic situation the rate will fall. As a result you will take the apartment at the crisis price, and percent on the credit to return to accepted. You appear in a double prize .

of If is not enough for you for housing which you would like to acquire, and the option with the credit or a new building does not suit you, then should consider option of purchase of housing more simply, perhaps lower class (if there is opportunity). Just when the increase in prices, a gap between that sum which you have also that which will be necessary to increase will begin and as a result all can develop not as you thought. And, having already though some real estate, you will be more insured since the price of it will grow later too you will be able to sell it and to get what was planned.

So estimate opportunities, find money and you become owners of real estate. During this period real estate to become interesting not only for acquisition for the purpose of life, but also as investment which in years 5, and that will make for an iransha essential profit .