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Count Seong - Germaine. Who is he such?

the Count Seong - Germaine - the person - a riddle. The person - without biography. Person from nowhere. The person who is known by the whole world and does not know nobody. It as nobody else, approaches for a role of the wizard or magician. It the one who it is unknown from where appears and disappears in mysterious circumstances. This surprising person, as well as all people of his plan, left a mark in the history.

About an origin of the count is not present any how many - nibud reliable news. He never spoke about himself. And if started talking about it, then told very foggy.

He was born, according to him, in the country with the blessed climate, remembered some magnificent palaces where he ran the child. Sometimes mentioned that he was a son of the Mauritian king reigning in Spain. (Barnon Stosh mentions a certain marquis Monfer in the records. That was a son of the widow of the Spanish king Karl 2 and one Madrid bankers. Perhaps, this marquis also turned then in Seong - Jermain.)

Judging by all to the responses of the contemporaries who were personally knowing the count which reached us it was the person in many respects remarkable.

An exterior the column impressed favourably. It was the man graceful by sight. Its swarty, with the correct lines the person carried an intelligence shade. And its appearance did not change for several decades. Many aristocrats, having seen the count, fell into a stupor. It seemed to them that they already saw this person earlier - in the childhood, youth. At the same time its exterior did not change at all.

As for its personal advantages, Seong - Germaine had a reputation for the brilliant speaker (even Casanova who met it at dinner at the marchioness to Dyurfa, listened to it that is called having opened a mouth and having forgotten about food. At everything while Casanova the great phrasemonger).

The count was rich and led a magnificent life. But the source of its income is unknown. And he was able to do gold and precious kamenye - what surprising what the magician had money? And if it is serious, then most likely, the treasury of Louis XV who lodged him in the lock and allowed to be engaged in the alchemical works demanding a lot of money was one of sources of its income. Its diplomatic feats can be other source. Perhaps, he was a spy and all governors of affairs of Europe needed his services.

Seong - Germaine was hardworking and perfectly educated. Graf in perfection knew all European languages. He practised music, especially loved playing a violin. Also was engaged in a vrachevatelstvo; perfectly understood chemistry. It had an obvious skill in the treatment of chemicals and thorough knowledge of their properties. Very much can be that he knew something, not in time to become property of school science yet.

This surprising person left a mark and in the Russian history. Some researchers believe that he participated in events at Catherine II`s accession. But it is strange that it is not mentioned by any of contemporaries who describes these events. But other fact is indisputable - the well-known story of Pushkin “Queen of spades“ is written thanks to the count. The idea about three cards belonged to it. The princess Golitsyna which became the countess`s prototype - the old woman described by Pushkin was a neigbour in a manor of the grandmother situated near Moscow of the poet. In youth the princess often happened in Paris where got acquainted with the count and moreover - was amicable with it. Seong - Germaine told it fatal secret of three cards. Pushkin often stayed with the grandmother and was on a visit at Golitsyn where learned a secret.

The count died in 1784 in Germany. But the strangest occurred after his death. In 1785 it was seen in Vilyemsburge, then in Paris on the eve of Great French revolution. Perhaps he and the truth invented an immortality elixir?!

We will sum up the result: Seong - Germaine - a figure which left nobody indifferent. For some he became someone like the Messiah. For example, in 30 - x years in the USA arose and until now there is a sect for which members this person an idol. And many mystics believe that in 1992 it appeared to Haiti. Well, look back. Suddenly that Seong - Germaine among us?