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Where you are my owner?

All of us with you clever, competent people who we learn and study much still. But that is why - that and not only professional units try to obtain professional heights. And those who and could achieve the objectives, most often complain about destiny, or find still some excuse for the failures. Such feeling that not they direct their life, and some other people, or circumstances. Anyone is guilty, only not they. And there is a wish to ask them a question - and where you are? And so, it, for example, the horse has no mind, to change something in the life, but you are PERSONS! MEANS it is NECESSARY to STOP, REFLECT how to escape from this circle how to change a situation? To that who decided MOST to BECOME the OWNER of LIFE, the DESTINY, the HEALTH, the MATERIAL WELFARE, I want to give several advice.

In - the first, for a start decide on the PURPOSE, and the more accurately you can formulate the Purpose in writing, the your further actions for achievement of a goal will be more productive. Further concentration of attention on a goal is necessary that helped very many people to achieve success.

In - the second, make the DECISION to begin to WORK! Give up as a bad job the of DOUBT AND FEARS! To enter a state - I CAN do EVERYTHING! It is actually truly absolute for everyone since each of us is given birth by the WINNER, only forgot about it! Try not to leave this state, like this state with all the heart, create appearance, persistently support him and daily feed. Through some time this shape will awaken your Spirit! But just to trust at the same time without doing anything - it is a utopia. It is not necessary to be just the dreamer, the BELIEF HAS TO be SUPPORTED with ACTIONS!

In the third, accustom themselves to ANALYZE EVENTS of LAST DAY, at least 10 - 15 min. a day and are the is best of all - in the evening before going to bed in a quiet situation: as as you made, your pluses and minuses in a day, and for some reason or other occurred. Pay attention that any result you are not important happy with it or not, it is Result which teaches you to something!

In the fourth, be engaged in SELF-DISCIPLINE! If you made the decision, to make something or made to someone the promise, it is NECESSARY to EXECUTE IT! Do not look for justifications if did not execute what was planned since the fact, remains the fact and it is not important who or that affected it. Accustom to discipline yourself from trifles, raising “bar“ subsequently.

Remember that each person is given CHANCE (it about good luck), only not everyone notices it because are not attentive. Begin that is called “to CATCH SIGNALS of the OUTSIDE WORLD“! And finally still council - RASCHITYVAYTE ONLY ON! Yes you can hear interesting idea, but make the Decision - and Responsibility for realization of any intention needs to be undertaken!

Progress to you!

A source - Olga Drozdova`s Blog - Freedom as vital credo!