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What nourishing and tasty dish is prepared in Latvia? Zhograusha!

Fall. Already and fall. Abused, abused glorious summer with its mosquitoes, flies, an abnormal heat and the fires, and it - time … Waved a tail as if there was no it.

Someone already dug out potato. Someone is only going to do it. However, for the Russian summer resident collecting, they are always short. In any case - were. “Collecting was short“ … About it when the country movement was mass and on rise, even songs national were composed. And now terms of collecting if changed, then not much more. Naked to gather … Only to grind a shovel, footcloths to screw, gird and … Forward!

Well and for whom on collecting time it is necessary more so it is that … Can have sad consequences., at neighbors (that on the right that at the left) - came the Tat in night and, not sazhav - not seyav, not floors - not okuchivav, dug out everything without remainder what bush worthless in the earth without having left.

Therefore to delay this business, long deliberating a thought, I do not advise. Especially, on grain and to grain different - in courses, probably - an estimate of harvest not the most iridescent. And with potato … Perezimuyem!

From it, darling if to trust Nadezhda Rumyantseva`s heroine from the cult movie 60 - x - “Girls“ a lot of things can be prepared: “Potato boiled, fried, mashed potatoes, French fries, potato share. Potato meat pies, with mushrooms, with cabbage“ …

But … I will not tire the reader with such prescription variety. Here one is laid up, but quite original retseptik. A sort from once brotherly, and nowadays sovereign Latvia. And is more concrete - from the Livsky coast. Exactly there now for some reason most often prepare this dish which on its historical Homeland is called by “zhograush“. Or “sklandraush“. As it is pleasant to whom more.

However, from change of the places composed a cheese cake from the fresh rye test with kartofelno - a carrot stuffing will not turn into the Karelian gate. And in order that to try it, not obligatory to reach the most northern point of modern Latvia - the cape Splitting. There is enough that near at hand there was a trifle.

For the test: half a kilo of rye flour, the glass of warm water, grams of the 50th butter, a tea spoon of sugar, is sensitive salts and one small egg. The last - only for greasing.

For a stuffing: grams of the 250th potato, 400 - carrots, a quarter of a glass of milk, 50 grams of butter, two eggs, grams of the 50th sugar, a teaspoon of sour cream and one and a half - torments … Well, and salt, by itself.

The first we will be engaged in business in a stuffing. Separately we boil the peeled potatoes, separately - the crude carrots. As that and another will be ready, we merge water and we put aside carrots. Let it is sensitive podostynt.

And potato we knead on mashed potatoes, we add the warmed-up milk, oil, prisalivay, we knead...

So far pottered with potato, and carrots cooled down a little. It is possible to clean it, without risking to burn. We clean. We wipe on a small grater. And as wiped - we add salt, sugar, eggs, sour cream, flour and it is carefully kneaded. In total. And the carrot stuffing is ready too.

The turn of the test approached. We sift flour, we add to it the softened oil, warm boiled water in which before already dissolved salt and sugar, and we begin to knead stiff dough. Vymeshali? Now we roll it on layer 2 - 3 mm thick. Then we cut circles diameters of centimeters 10 - 12. At whom what salad bowl is had near at hand. Turned it a bottom up, edges from top to bottom and went “to stamp“ the rolled dough. The “stamped“ circles slightly powdered with flour, postponed away, and what remained - again kneaded, rolled and … Again salad bowl.

At all these manipulations of circles which turned out later it is necessary to make sides height centimeter - one and a half then - to lay out them on previously oiled baking sheet.

And now - a stuffing! At first on circles we spread a potato layer which from above we close carrot. And already they are we grease with a small egg. On the Livsky coast this operation is made by means of a goose plumelet. But for the lack of that it is possible to use a confectionery brush.

As greased, a baking sheet - in the oven which is previously warmed degrees to 120 - 130. To bake minutes 10 - 15. So far the top of zhograushy does not pokorichnevet, and the kitchen will not be filled with an amazing, appetizing savor.

No, not the Livsky coast which smells absolutely in a different way. A little - the salted Baltic wind, it is a little - damp sand of a beach and needles of coastal pines and still, the trifle, something like that that does this smell not only unique, but also recognizable.

And zhograush smell … But we them in an oven put

not to smell? Is not present?! Then - on a table them, so far hawt. That in practice to be convinced that this not only tasty, but also nourishing dish.

For now business did not reach this practice - take the word. Tasty and nourishing. Of course, all winter you will not eat one zhograusha. But from potato - we remember? - ““Potato boiled, fried, mashed potatoes“ …