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So will win: good or evil?

the good Subject is actual more than ever now, and in the world where speak about good very much, it catastrophically is not enough. Why does that happen? Why some people, making the evil, are sure that they create kindly? Why it is so frequent when someone needs our real help, we pass by? I have no answers to these questions. And this subject resulted from one case which happened to me in our city recently.

In the day off I went to shop to buy products. When I left it, heard crying of the child. Having looked round, saw in the house opposite on the first floor the open window and the small little body of the child lying on a window sill shuddering from crying. I became puzzled: what to do - to pretend that heard nothing and did not see and to go further, or to approach? But than I can help? So far thought what decision to accept, legs went towards a window. By there were people, their looks were also chained to a window, but nobody stopped. I approached and began to talk to the kid. By sight to it was one and a half - two years. He crept up to the edge of a window sill, pulled to me handles and all the time cried: “Mother, mother“. I felt absolutely helpless. On the sidewalk there were two men by sight very happy with themselves and life. I asked them to help to get the child, but they, having told that they do not need troubles, did not even shorten a stride. The child without ceasing shouted and closer and closer crept up to edge of a window. Under a window an asphalt strip. I talked to it and was afraid that I suddenly will not be able to catch it, suddenly I will drop. Unexpectedly behind the back I heard a man`s voice: “He shouts already whole hour. On here candy, do not shout“. Threw in a window a chocolate of “Baunti“ and with words that such mothers in general cannot have children, went further.

The child became silent, took a chocolate in hand and tried to develop it. Saw me and suddenly distinctly told: “Otkaya“. Threw to me candy, I developed it and threw to it back. While the kid was engaged in candy, I ran in the nearest shop and caused militia. The car arrived minutes through fifteen. One of militiamen at once understood whose it is the apartment and whose child. Repeated the same phrase: “Such mothers cannot have children“. In a few minutes the curtain leaned back and the child`s mother seemed. In response to our words that it is impossible to leave such little kid unguarded she sent us, having told that only for one minute she left in shop. There is such history.

So far it did not end. I found out, as neighbors, both the district police officer, and militia and inspectorate for child care it is aware of everything that occurs in this apartment. That mother of the child leads such life in which the child does not have the place. Since the birth it often remains one, without supervision and without food. Sometimes the behavior of mother simply bears threat for his life.

But me surprised not so much more behavior of mother as in my understanding, the person who so behaves in relation to the kid cannot be adequately perceiving all events with normal mentality. More I was surprised by behavior of people who throughout all this time did not come to the rescue of the child. Just were detached onlookers. What it is fear, indifference, callousness?. What society in which adult aunts and uncles pass by the crying child is?

I called the child care inspector, there to me promised to go in for history of this kid. Told that, most likely, mother will deprive of the parental rights. It is terrible. To get at living mother to orphanage. Whether it will be in relation to the child a good good cause? It is terrible to lose parents, but it is sometimes more terrible to be near them.

So such “good“?

Many claim that the concept is “kind“ - relatively. And what for you is good - for another can be the evil. There is also it. But in it nevertheless there is more slyness, than the truth. When to some specific person there is a misfortune, he at once quickly realizes good it or angrily. And here if it with the neighbor then it is possible and to philosophize.

Many priests, philosophers, psychologists agree that each person knows that such good. Everyone understands even if in the depth of consciousness when he arrives well and when it is bad. Criteria are known: do not kill, do not steal … Jesus left us a precept: “Do not do to the neighbor of what would not wish himself“. Here that such good, and two opinions cannot just be here.

Probably, in this case the person absolutely not important believes in God or not, read Shakespeare or is not even able to write, was born in America or in Russia. No matter and that how many he made dobra. The good does not give in to calculation at all. On a bowl of scales the small good deed weighs so much how many and big.

Any person on the earth has idea of good. And the atheist is brought up on the same norms of morals, as the believer. These are the universal principles, they are clear also to the child. The moral law as the apostle Pavel spoke, is imprinted in soul of each person - and the one who believes in God, and the one who does not trust. At everyone the measure is kind. The person who creates good becomes above everyday system of coordinates. Not incidentally, the it is more terrible vital circumstances, the power of human spirit is shown more brightly.

Kindness does not depend on a level of development of the person, his intelligence and abilities. The wild Zulu can be much kinder than professor from Oxford, and can be and vice versa.

According to recent research of the American scientists, kind people live longer. From here it is possible to draw a conclusion: you want to live longer - you create good deeds. It is useful to be kind. Psychologists provide trainings. Whether it is only possible to teach to be kind? The person comes to virtue itself, long working on himself. However, still it is possible to learn to seem kind. And it is favorable and convenient too. But, whether always it works? It is obligatory under some circumstances, the mask will fall and the real face will seem. Kindly always on the party of those who want to be kind, to be, but not just to seem.

Why I did not pass by? At all not because I have some high morality, no. Just always when before me it is worth giving the choice a helping hand or to pretend that I see nothing, I think, and suddenly when my child is needs someone`s help, it will appear nobody near it who could help it. These thoughts such minutes help to make the decision. It is some kind of self-interest. But in such cases the motivation, how many result is not so much important.

And still this kid showed me that there are no desperate situations. Always it is possible to find a way out. But only the one who looks for it finds it.

And all - there is a wish to believe that she is kind on the earth more, than it is evil, otherwise the world would cease to exist for a long time. There is a wish to tell, can be a hackneyed phrase: “People, while there is time, you hurry to do good deeds.“