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What bears with itself a holiday romance? The reasons, problems, consequences of

there is such statistics: during an autumn season, just after summer holidays, the number of divorces sharply increases. It is quite possible that the reason for that - just holiday romances. You should not forget also that quite often “resort“ relations come to an end with long-term treatment in the known establishments, and it can promote marriage disintegration too.

All - surprising piece - holiday. Whatever it was on durations, three days or three weeks, during this time all of us equally manage to live though small, but full-fledged life. And here paradox: even for such short time almost always we manage to find object lovely to heart and to fall in love. In what a secret of resort euphoria? Let`s try to answer some important questions. whether

It is worth having a rest together?

Some psychologists claim that separate holiday of spouses very much is even useful to marriage strengthening. Say, it is that rare chance though a little to have a rest from each other. Even at full harmony in the relations in a year rather you are tired of continuous contemplation of a favourite physiognomy. You remember, how at Vysotsky: “You will come home - there you sit“?

So - that it so, but is obvious that you should not build this thesis in a postulate nevertheless. Two identical families do not happen, so, what is good for one spouses, can quite be apple of discord for others.

Therefore it is important to listen to himself, to understand how it will be better for you. If within a year communication with relatives is limited to only one household subjects, and thoughts all - about affairs yes about work, clear, as on holiday in this plan will change nothing. And this with the fact that there it is much more free time for communication. And about what to speak? When besides household chores and efforts of spouses connects mutual interest and they always easily find the general a cinciput for conversation, to them hardly happens boringly with each other. Though houses, though on vacation. whether

Will sustain marriage?

And still one business - is simple to have a rest in different resorts, and absolutely another - to get at the same time holiday romances. And here opinions of psychologists are shared again. One are convinced that the “holiday“ relations refresh the relations family. The storm of emotions caused by them, as a rule, is short-lived, and finally comes to an end with the full statement in thought that the fleeting petty intrigue by the sea does not come within miles of the lawful spouse or the spouse.

And here other researchers of human souls oppose sharply not chaste rest, calling it frankly dangerous. Existence of alternative on the party always assumes hack-work in the family relations. And still to live with change even if nobody ever learns about it, not easy. Though hardly domestic men will apprehend the similar sermon without smile … the Novel on vacation is inevitable


Psychologists as one repeat that from holiday romances nobody is insured. It also is clear, only on vacation we are completely liberated, together with habitual clothes of the big city having dumped ourselves burden of problems and cares. Here it is possible to rise and lay down in how many you want, to do that you want, to be such what you really want. It is noticed: in the resort we others because here nobody knows us, so, it is possible to try on safely to himself such desired and such inaccessible images in usual life. Soul of the company, the ringleader, the vamp, the real coquette …

For men will be options too. And as there is a wish, having changed the behavior, to try at least once this forbidden fruit under the name “holiday romance“. Especially when around the marvelous South - the sea, the sun, palm trees, sand, a lunar path, charming street cafes, suntanned strangers with languishing looks. Well as you will resist here?

Joint pastime in unusual conditions very much pulls together. It is quite natural that when the person comes one somewhere, he looks for the company or other person for communication. What it as a result will end with, depends, first of all, on the health-resort visitor. But it is obvious that at the one who is initially ready for the novel and goes to holiday behind adventures, it is much more than chances to enter into the romantic relations, than at the one who does not think of it.

For one day or for the rest of life?

you Remember

, than the relations of heroes Lyudmila Gurchenko and Alexander Mikhaylov in the best-known cine story about a holiday romance “Love and pigeons“ ended? After the modest hard worker Vasya Kuzyakin and an imposing kadrovichka Raisa Zakharovna, having come back home, began to live together, from resort idyll there is no trace left also. Somehow at once it became clear, as characters different, and habits, and the fact that it seemed such romantic at the sea, well does not keep within usual life in any way. Here so the carefree walking katerok which was born from foam of sea holiday euphoria with a crash broke against abrupt coast of life.

Alas, this cinema - history almost always finds reflection and in real life. And it is a grief - lovers still appeared fellow countrymen … Imagine

that it from Moscow, and it, for example, from Magadan. How after holiday their relations will develop? On a visit to each other often you will not enjoy traveling. There are calls and correspondence - but what is love? The rare relations will sustain similar check. And then, even if heroes of a holiday romance will appear from one city, there is no guarantee that they and houses will manage to keep that height and romanticism that was in the south. Everything that was pertinent there, for certain will be absolutely incompatible with daily reality. On vacation we others though we do not realize it. And in behavior and in the relations are hardly ready to sharp change. whether

is So terrible the novel how it is painted?

the holiday romance can have only four options: when he and she - in marriage or are single and when one of them is free, and another is not present. In each case - the scenario, the drama, and only in the second the relation of two do not threaten someone`s family life. It would seem what bad is in a holiday romance of those who did not find the soulmates yet? Even if their relations upon return home will not develop into marriage, will be about what to remember.

Not all make of a holiday romance light and perceive it as a little flirtation about which it is just possible to forget. Many, especially, of course, women, initially regard holiday as an opportunity to find the husband. Therefore when they manage to get on vacation the novel, they hope that this man will be that prince on a white horse and will take them in the wife. And from here a big problem - the broken hearts.

Council is simple: if are ready for a holiday romance, then there are less illusions - more reality. Only it can save from disappointments and excessive spiritual wounds.

Three truth of a holiday romance

Only 10% of the “holiday“ relations come to an end with marriage.

90% of men perceive holiday romances as a fleeting petty intrigue, and here most of women secretly hope to find on vacation the husband.

the Family man more likely will get love story at the sea, than the married woman. Big consequences of the small novel Experts of holiday romances tell


: “The novel without sex - time spent for nothing“. Even if and so, it is always worth remembering that fleeting resort communications time are fraught at all not with the most harmless diseases. What it is worth remembering, being adjusted on intim by the sea?

In a love fever health-resort visitors seldom think of contraception, and communication with the unfamiliar, unchecked person is a risk to catch the most different infections, sexually transmitted. There is a false opinion that they are not dangerous. It`s not true. In spite of the fact that they do not lead to a lethal outcome, but can do essential harm to health. If such diseases not to treat, finally it leads to infertility.

Once you also notice that intracellular infections, such, for example, clamidiosis, it is quite difficult to reveal. Special analyses are for this purpose necessary. Therefore the person can even not suspect about presence at it of a similar disease. Symptoms usually either are hidden, or are expressed softly.

In this regard main council: if on holiday, at once upon return home visit the doctor or independently make tests in KVD. Today it can be made anonymously, without being afraid of publicity. Do not self-medicate at all! Disappearance of symptoms does not guarantee that you managed to get rid of an infection completely. Only the expert can appoint to you those preparations which will be and are effective, and are safe for health.