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How competently to save on a stomach? Several inexpensive recipes of

How to save the family budget? How not to spend a great lot of money for food? Where to get retseptik inexpensive, but tasty dishes?

It is too expensive for you delicacies, lunches, dinners at restaurants and cafe, and so there is a wish to indulge with something tasty himself and the members of household!

I will offer several simple and inexpensive recipes on your discretion, and I hope that they will fill up your collection. Preparation of these dishes will take you not enough time and they from all of available products consist.

I use this recipe already years 18. Already also I do not remember, where and when found it or who advised. Initially it was called “Meat on - Jewish“. Then I gave it the name - “ Lazy chops “.

It is required to us: 0,5 kg of chicken fillet, 200 g of mayonnaise (it is possible the cheapest and low-fat), 3 eggs, 3 - 4 tablespoons of flour or potato starch, salt, pepper to taste, a little vegetable oil for roasting.

Way of preparation: we cut fillet in small cubes (1 x 1 x 1 cm), we drive in eggs, we add mayonnaise and flour. Everything is carefully mixed, we salt, we pepper and we fry as fritters on oil on two - three minutes from each party on small fire.

My following recipe is soup from processed cheeses . A set of products minimum - 3 l of chicken or vegetable broth (it is possible from cubes), 3 - 4 potatoes, 1 carrots, 1 small bulb, a rice handful, 1 processed cheese, 1 tablespoon of butter, bay leaf, parsley greens, salt, pepper to taste.

We cut the peeled potatoes straws and we throw into the boiling broth. There we put the onions cut in cubes and carrots (a large grater). And now we cut curd cake randomly on pieces. It is possible to throw and entirely, but he will be longer get out of hand. We throw rice and we cook everything to readiness. At the end of cooking we add a lavrushka, salt, pepper, oil and we shower greens. Soup is ready. It can be eaten as we heat, and cold. Very tasty.

The following dish to me was advised by mother. The huge to it thanks. And again I gave it the name - “ Lazy belyashes “.

So, products. For the test: 2 teaspoons of dry yeast, a salt pinch, a sugar pinch, 1,5 glasses of water (it is desirable boiled), 1 big bulb, torments - as on fritters. Stuffing: mincemeat - 300 - 400 grams, salt, pepper, 1 bulb. Vegetable oil for roasting.

We start preparation. We put a support from water, salt, sugar, yeast and a handful of flour. While there is a support, prepare a stuffing - we salt forcemeat, we pepper and we add onions (it is possible to cut small, it is possible to grate). If forcemeat turns out too abrupt, it is quite good to add to it a little boiled water.

Opara is ready, we knead dough (a consistence - as on fritters). And here small cunning - small we cut a bulb and we throw it into dough. And now we fry. In the heated oil we spread 1 tablespoon of the test, then on the middle of flat cake there is a little forcemeat and we cover with a layer of dough again.

And now the recipe for fans of vegetables. “ Envelopes from cabbage “. Products: forks of cabbage of about 900 - 1000 grams, 1 bulb, 1 carrot, 1 sweet pepper, salt, pepper, hop - sunel or other seasoning, on your taste, 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, the divorced water, vegetable oil for frying.

Cabbage pripuskay in boiled water. We get, we sort on leaves and we cut off rough parts. We put leaflets an envelope and we fry. We prepare a sauce from the remained products. We fill in with it cabbage envelopes and we extinguish on slow fire to readiness. Approximately minutes 20.

Roll - an omelet “. This dish very much is pleasant to my family. From 3 - x eggs, 2 - x processed cheeses, 2 - x garlic gloves and 2 - x tablespoons of mayonnaise the original creation turns out. We shake up eggs, having a little added some salt. We fry two omelets on butter. Cheese we rub on a grater, we add garlic and mayonnaise, we mix. We smear ready omelets with cheese weight, we twist in rolls and we send to the refrigerator for one hour. Then we cut for the portion. Voila, everything is ready.

I will be glad if you use my recipes and it will be pleasant to you. Bon appetit!