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How the tsar over the country went by the cart?

were Conceived somehow by the father - the tsar from below to look at the country. From a flying carpet many details are not visible. “It is interesting whether there is life there, below. And if is, then what it?“ - the tsar-father thought, ordering crew.

And to it offer also French on soft springs, and German with a vater - a rest room built-in. And even overseas of Japan, self-parking. The tsar marveled at miracles overseas, but so told the boyars:

- It is necessary at least once for the kingdom to be closer to the people. Give me what there go citizens my true by.

Also drove to the tsar-father the cart of production of plant local. However, tuning luxury imperceptibly by it was made. Wheels oil plentifully spilled in advance also climate - control import, overseas, attached. That the tsar - a nadezha did not sneeze on the road, darling swallowing of dust in the portions big.

The tsar got into the cart to the place of the driver and marveled to design epic with affection.

- Here supposedly as it is necessary to observe old times. Same we let out two hundred years. And goes! To spite of voroga. Gay, darling! - lashed reins of the horses, in the cart harnessed and the bird - the three to the next pothole rushed. - To Etyet, etyet, etyet, - the tsar on holes sniffed jumping up. - It is interesting whether it will reach to borders of my kingdom - the state or within the Kremlin will collapse?

But ahead of the cart imperial seigniorial crews the road already rushed clearing away and narodishko superfluous cleaning. That the tsar-father with questions was not tormented. And in three versts from the Kremlin the clerk special was put. That those people represented and for newspapers imperial interviewed necessary.

The tsar of the clerk voting picked up and asks that:

- Tell, the clerk why I already passed three versts, and, except you, on the road it is visible nobody?

- All in fields, the tsar-father. Rye is cleaned. And this, as it, oats.

- In oats all, so - with satisfaction was said by the tsar. - And ask - me, the clerk what I on an old age of years in the people moved?

- The father is a tsar, tell you to me, the slave to the true. And what you on an old age of years in the people left? Moreover and on the cart of production of the plant which is bent, - the clerk obediently asked, taking out a goose quill from trouser-legs.

- Write, the clerk. - The tsar threw reins, understanding that the cart will not jump out of a track any more. - Time all came to rejoice. That the sky blue that rye kept up that women did not forget to give birth. And who will not rejoice, to that birches on a stable. Or the jail Siberian will be prepared. How on the father you, the clerk, klinut?

- Ivanych. But it is possible me and on mother. I will not take offense, the tsar-father. If only did not land in the field pure. And tell - to me …

- Everything, will be. The tsar has to speak shortly and capaciously. But not a bla - a bla - a bla, as others some. It is told - all to rejoice. Well, clerk. You will meet someone from the people, report. The tsar was. Saw everything. With everything it is happy. And let esteem and rejoice. Climb up from the cart. - And having thrown off on the run of the clerk, the tsar of the shaft horse a lash lashed.

Also his bird - the three on potholes to kingdom borders - the states, to the sea blue distant rushed.

Also citizens looked at it from oats and quietly rejoiced that the tsar-father this time did not notice them. And on a stable or a jail Siberian someone to another will get birches.