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The autumn melancholy - as to struggle with it?

the nature has no bad weather,

Each weather grace. whether

the Rain, snow, any season

Is necessary is grateful to accept...

(E. Ryazanov)

Strangely enough, but it is just not necessary to fight against it! Psychologists claim that before to get rid of something - it is necessary to accept it. And it is even better if it turns out to accept with pleasure as a gift!

What to do if such “seasonal gift“ does not bring any pleasure?

First of all, you should not banish the sadness and longing - grief ahead of time, and it is better to try... to make friends with it! It is useful to feel sorry for himself sometimes too. Now there was fine opportunity it to make: the nature cries together with us. The eternal summer in soul cannot be, and what occurs in our inner world now - occurs in due time. It is a tribute to natural cycles. And to fight against the nature - business ungrateful, eventually, we - its part. Therefore, it is necessary to derive benefit from autumn melancholy.

In our world there is an accurate order in which there is a lot of wisdom. Trees dump leaves because those are not necessary to them any more. What do we should follow their example? Think what became obsolete today in your life, and send it without regret together with fallen leaves!

And this infinite rain... It is wet, dirty, sadly … But and in it there is the sense! The dry earth needs it. To restore forces before “hibernation“ and on spring to bear fruit again. People also should use it! In the spring and in the summer we spend a lot of energy, and now it is a high time to restore it. For this purpose it is enough to reduce load of an organism and to increase dream time.

For anybody of us a secret that the autumn time traditionally is considered the best time for creativity. But a mistake will think that the inspiration concerns only people of a certain warehouse or profession. It concerns to everyone without exception. The matter is that in the fall we can visit sudden inspirations, come answers which we so long looked for. It is necessary to listen only attentively to himself. And only to you to solve for what to use the received inspiration - for poetry, painting or just for transformation of some sphere of the life.

One more important feature of fall - nostalgia … The best time to honor with attention the past, it is simple not to find! It is a high time to get photos and to plunge into pleasant memoirs. The emphasis on this word is not casual. Often ourselves turn nostalgia into melancholy, reviving not the happiest moments of the past. Though if there is a need for such emotions - it is timely too. The main thing to know when to stop! Otherwise, the seasonal grief can develop into the real depression.

Having remembered the past, it is a high time to think of the future! It can be dreams which will warm soul in the autumn evenings, and there can be quite concrete plans which you start right after the end of this period … And a well thought-out plan of actions, as it is known - an important step to success.

So we begin to appreciate this time. We are updated, gain strength, we create, we dream and we plan while the nature gives us such chance.