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How to earn from photos?

Today, thanks to prompt distribution of digital technologies, became as simple to take the picture how to tell “smile“.

of the Photo for us and for masses

to depict the cat who got stuck on a tree or the wife finishing Murzik to return back, or the husband who unsuccessfully tried to take photographs of a silly animal, is enough to have at itself only the mobile phone, usual “soap tray“ or any digital camera.

But, despite ease of obtaining photos, demand for qualitative pictures not only did not decrease, but even opposite, considerably increased.

Photos are necessary to newspapers, magazines, designers and advertizing agencies. And time is buyers, surely there will be also sellers.

Large publishing houses, the companies and firms are able to afford to pay services of professional photographers. But there is a great number of the buyers not ready to pay 100-1000 dollars for one, let and an exclusive photo. Just such buyers also create demand for the inexpensive photos made both by professionals, and fans. To find these buyers, the photographer will need only desire to earn, ability to take the qualitative picture, and also services of the intermediaries known as “microdrains“ or “photodrains“.

Approximately till 2002 there were already image banks (Corbis, Getty) specializing in sale of photos. These agencies undertook all questions concerning selection of photos and search of buyers. And photographers needed only to do pictures and to regularly send them to the websites of image banks. But to achieve the right to work with banks of photos incredibly difficult. In them so great demands are placed on pictures that even not each professional will be able to pass “entrance examinations“. Therefore the microdrains offering similar services, but at the smaller prices (for buyers of photos) and with less strict (for photographers) working conditions soon began to appear.

Fundamental difference of microdrains from image banks (besides already called) is an opportunity to sell one work (i.e. the photo) not once. In other words, how many will be persons interested to buy your photo, it is so much its times and it will be possible to sell. This feature allowed to reduce the prices of the realized photos to several dollars, and even tens of cents. However even such modest quotations can bring in to the photographer the very good income. It is enough to present how many it is possible to earn from the photo if to sell it 500-1000 times. Even if and at the cost of $0,1/piece. Agree that to receive $50-100 for 1 photo - dream nearly of most of the people who are fond of the photo. But what is required to start work with microdrains? And what it is necessary to know?

Some features of microdrains

On the majority of microdrains for registration will be required to pass a peculiar examination. You should answer questions (bases of the art of photography, copyright) and to send from 3 to 10 photos by which your level of “skill“ will be determined. If works are accepted - you download the photos to microdrains and begin to earn with their sales. And if examination did not manage to be passed from the first, you will have an opportunity to try again. If after several attempts nothing turns out, you will be able to repeat, but already after a while.

Requirements to the level of photos at microdrains different. Somewhere it is possible to place the photos made even usual “soap trays“. But, naturally, the photos taken by means of more expensive models of cameras are appreciated above. Anyway photographers should consider that it is desirable to send a photo with the minimum resolution from 2 megapixels.

Successfully to sell, important to know what photos are popular and what - are not present. Photos on business, health, portraits of people (of course, first of all, girls), various backgrounds and so-called subject shooting are in invariable demand. And here it will be difficult to sell a photo with pets (cats, dogs) or flowers. Only photographers should consider that if at a photo there are people (close up), then microdrains will demand to provide the written consent of “models“ to shooting.

It is necessary to mention that microdrains give an opportunity to earn not only to photographers. If you are engaged in illustrations or graphic design, your works also with pleasure will accept. The same concerns also authors flash - or videos (clips). Some microdrains offer to “partners“ more favorable terms, but only instead of a full exclusivity. That is, in such cases from the photographer (or, respectively, 3D - the designer, the illustrator) the consent not to place the works on other microdrains is required. But this offer has also a serious shortcoming - you lose an opportunity (most often, quite “lawful“) to offer for sale one work at once on several photodrains.

And one more detail. As microdrains work at the foreign markets, the majority of them (naturally) in English. Though, there are also pleasant exceptions (Shutterstock or iStockPhoto). In a word, the knowledge of a foreign language is desirable. And if you do not know English yet, but would like to master it, you will have an excellent occasion. It is possible, of course, to try to stock up with dictionaries and translation programs. But it is not the best exit as the translation of each English-language text will take away so many forces and time that it is simpler to learn language.

Is short about popular microdrains

of iStockPhoto - the leader in the market of microdrains. Has wide popularity, a large number of buyers and the high prices of the sold photos. But it will be more difficult to be among its “participants“, than on any other photodrain. Here very great demands are placed on works, and will be to pass examination in forces not to everyone. But, if you manage it, consider that from now on you will stop being the fan. The photographer receives 20% of sales (with the exclusive status - to 40%). The photo, graphics, a flash, video is accepted.

Shutterstock - one of the first microdrains which is strongly among leaders. There is an examination. The photographer, depending on the status, receives about $0,25-0,40 for work. The status raises together with growth of sales volume. Except photos, it is possible to post graphics and video.

Dreamstime - takes average positions in the market. Advantage - lack of examination. But over time it can appear. The cost of photos makes from $0,3 to 7. Specializes in a photo and graphics.

If to look, it is possible to find about ten more interesting microdrains, cooperation with which will be mutually advantageous. Also there are also “our“ microdrains, for example, Lori image bank. Conditions of reception of photographers in the Russian image bank very loyal. But it is necessary to consider that potential buyers, again - will be “ours“ therefore you should not count on the size of the income offered by foreign microdrains.

And in end the most concerning question: “How many it is possible to earn from photos?“ Everything depends on talent of the specific photographer and his working capacity. From its specialization and experience. And from working conditions with microdrains. But it is possible to give also approximate figures. So, placement of 100 works will yield approximate revenue of 50-150$/month. Place more photos - and you will be able to count on the corresponding growth and your income.

Certainly to make even such number of photos - a task difficult. Photos have to be also qualitative. But who told what will be easy: money including virtual, it is necessary to earn.