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How to install lamps on a stretch ceiling?

It is sure that most of men got used to do repair by own hands at home, without resorting to the help of any experts in this area. And they do it with great pleasure. The instructions and councils stated below will be useful to all - and to those who only master secrets of carrying out repair at home, and that who in this case already real dock as all material is written in simple and clear language.

And it will be a question of installation of the built-in lamps on a stretch ceiling, any repair does not take place without replacement of old illuminants by new.

As light sources it is possible to use chandeliers or lamps which are specially built in such ceiling.

At installation of the built-in lamps after the ceiling cools down, it is necessary to put to it a special round profile which is placed where even before installation of a ceiling the special rack intended for the lamp was established.

The profile needs to be pasted strictly under a rack. After that that part of a cloth together with which the profile was pasted to a rack should be cut out on a contour of its internal surface. Then through the opening done in a ceiling it is necessary to take out conducting of future lamp, and to edge an opening by means of a special decorative profile.

As illuminants it is recommended to use lamps with a tungsten thread, luminescent or halogen. If you are going to establish them usually, that is without addition in a design of the special thermoisolating ring, then it is possible to be limited to ordinary glow lamps which power should not exceed 20 W. The matter is that halogen lamps of big power are capable to heat up rather strongly therefore instead of them it is sometimes better to use ordinary glow lamps of small power.

If you plan to install rather bright illuminants on a ceiling, then it is necessary to equip for them special heat insulation that the cloth of a stretch ceiling did not heat up and did not sag.

Several models of lamps which are intended especially for application in a design of stretch ceilings meet.

The first type - the lamps manufactured of steel which crash into a ceiling. Using them, you can achieve dot illumination of various objects which are in the room or its separate sites. In this case the maximum power of a bulb should not exceed 50 W.

In addition, the special model supplied with protection against moisture hit meets on sale also. One more model represents the so-called cardan lamp at which it is possible to regulate the provision of a reflector on vertical and to gorizontalnoyploskost thanks to what light can be sent to any point of the room.

So, now you are familiar with all subtleties and secrets of installation of illuminants on a stretch ceiling. I hope that article will be useful to those who independently are going to carry out installation of the specified devices.