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Law and disorder. “Us snimanto in the movie“?

By the end of the last century the situation with “an easy genre“ sharply changed, could not but change.

And we see how images of today`s heroes differ from those which were “in the course“ still quite recently.

The genre of science fiction became gloomy a little. But violent bushes fantasies and galactic fighters expanded. In the first - it is enough to compose the worlds as far as the imagination will be enough, secondly - the same shooter games - ubivalka. There are Specifically good and Specifically bad Guys in appearances of representatives of different star civilizations. They confront in universal scale.

In detectives the scale of an antagonism is more graceful. If only someone does not go to save the world. Then too - there are one Very good guy and at least one Very Terrible Villain. But in case of such development of the detective - the fighter at least everything is clear in advance - the world will be saved, and the award will unostentatiously find the hero.

And here classical version of the detective story now a little out of work. However, exist female, so-called “ironical detective stories“ which blossomed and are separate and quite successful direction. Also the “man`s“, krepkoskolochenny and interesting works made in the best traditions of a genre meet.

Essential differences

for the rest is observed now by

a certain general tendency - border between the Law and the Crime was finally indistinct. it is not casual from where - that undertook very apt expression “the cop in the law“. And the movie with such name already appeared. Images of the main components of a collision “the police officer - the thief“ were absolutely displaced. And in it an events essence.

Criminals live in books and cinema “on a lawlessness“, detectives - “on concepts“. In which too, by the way, there is some peculiar an idea of honor and a public order. The first can be any - from maniacs, murderers, teenage gangs to an organized criminal group which ends, as a rule, conduct somewhere up, on inaccessible height. The second are shown “is absolutely criminal“, but at the same time are often charming immoderately. And at once it would be possible to remember all on viewing of especially “advanced“ movies:

Constantly we drink Cinzano,

is Constantly full - is drunk, oh yes! we Keep

in Banquo of one million

I plevanto on the law, oh yes!

Killers and Anti-killers - you always catch a difference? Always are otsenochno categorical? Who is who? How sometimes to distinguish them? Strelyanto - ubivanto it is infinite. But if it is impossible to make the hero absolutely positive, do him at least charming.

Practically all are charming. The type “ of the Noble robber “was the most demanded. In Perestroika and further times - one of favourite. It is a lot of similar books and movies left on a change of centuries. It seems the Main character - on all signs the bandit, but with soul, with claims for concept about honor. He plunges into a criminal nightmare more and more, can pass prison and other hard ways, but categorically wants to lead normal human life itself and to pull out the person dear to it.

Really “Bumer“ with the four of the main characters - sending to something early and familiar? But not three musketeers and d`Artagnan, not four tankmen and a dog, and four bandits and the foreign car ( We Fiat razjezzhato, the Whole day in a cabriolet, oh yes! ). But the movie - not casual.

And “the Brother 2“ where the same bandits try to punish nobly angrily? And at once in America. And this dialogue - as a spell which has something in common with the famous historical phrase: “Here tell to me, the American in what force? Unless in money? Here and the brother says that in money. You have a lot of money and what? I here think that force in the truth. Who has a truth - that stronger. Here you deceived someone, money acquired. And what, you became stronger? No, did not become. Because there is no truth for you “.

We will remember legendary words of Alexander Nevsky before the Nevsky fight: “Not in force God, and in the truth“. Accident? What bandits such are: educated, patriotic, not too blood-thirsty, but shooting and shooting how much in vain?

How to define these heroes of our time? It became difficult with image of the bandit (if he is not a final moron or the serial murderer).

However, there is other favourite type - already “ignoble“, the real Villain . It in increasing frequency - the representative of elite. Authors encroach on great, but, however, carefully and not on most. The most convenient and best villains turn out from militia chiefs, deputies, mediocre officials and large businessmen.

As “brands on them could not be put“, Anti-heroes always near at hand. As you will meet someone from above-mentioned categories in the book or the movie - at once it is possible to guess who here the main villain and the instigator of all troubles. And, to guess unmistakably and much earlier, than that is demanded by laws of a genre.

But talented books and movies offer types with a set of sides, highlighting game of shadows and light in all without exceptions characters. And, poigryvy the ambiguous human sides, all characters all the same strelyanto - ubivanto. All all always and everywhere.

Not less interesting things happen to image of the Detective (or the Attendant of the Law).

Detectives can be represented incorruptible and strictly obeying the letter of the law. It is characteristic of variations on the American series or childlike tales about militiamen with a doggie. There is rare fortune when there is a very good movie, and you trust . You believe in the good and honest main characters working in team of adherents it is simple “doing the work“.

But there is also a counter tendency - the Hero whose line of action is far from legality, and corruption level often reads off scale out of all imaginable limits (series “Wood-grouse“). At all this it remains the hero, and it looks still still strange and unusually. Gradually we get used, we are not surprised any more and we look, we look:

And for ento rezhissento

Us snimanto in the movie, oh yes!

Of course, “for ento“ is also removed. For an action. For facts of life. She can dullly move, as in the majority of series. But she can move and is talented, is even very talented. And many read or look - but what effect it will have in consciousness of future generations? Not in today`s - we and so more than are ready to it. The prison slogan “Do Not Trust, Be Not Afraid, Do Not Ask“ strongly entered our use. However, in the changed views and actions. We do not trust, very much we are afraid and occasionally we ask to help.

The only joy is that the Detective (the hero of the book or movie) is ready to violate the law, but only for the sake of justice. It - about the main character, the others - is simple “werewolves in shoulder straps“ and are minor in the subject line. The detective - quite often the single, unlike Soviet period when the team (unforgettable “Experts“) worked. Quite often - drinking, it is not indifferent to women, but it is confused. The American detective, as a rule, receives an award on completion of business as part of a heppa - an and. At least a final shot - a kiss. (Sometimes - a kiss on a suitcase with one million dollars which so were useful to nobody. Or all others died.)

Children got used to opposition of the Good and evil, teenagers at all the features sensitive on such things too though they never and admit. But they look (read - more rare). And they think.

What there will be a prolonged effect of continuous “pulp fiction“ and the same viewing? I do not know. And it will be.

Where by Hera it is weaved with the Anti-hero in dialectic unity - it will surely affect our life. Already affects.