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Life is the Gipsy: what it? Part 3

I Invite to return to one more, not really pleasant question in our interview with the Gipsy from Minsk Zhanna.

Allow to remind - questions are asked by Internet users from other websites.

Last time more tea wanted something, than the answer to this question, excuse.

- What you think of criminalization of Roma, of the clans which are engaged in extortion of money or drug trafficking? Whether you see some solution of this problem?

- other Roma try to avoid Such Roma. At the level of “hello-good-bye“, children from them are protected. On a visit never call, go. Very often expel from the settlement Gipsy. Usually such businessmen live far away from a congestion of Roma. A solution, I think, does not depend on me. The Russian and other narcobusinessmen more Roma will be, are sure.

- It is, HOWEVER, interesting to me how they teach the children to sing and dance (just by imitation) or use the techniques?

- we do not teach. Music, dances and singing at us in blood. Though, too not at all …

- it is very interesting to me, all - Roma do not work at all - everything on what they live, they “earn“ by theft? And still fortune-telling... They are always true and whether always Roma at fortune-telling tell the truth?

- Generally, we work. Another thing is that the majority - not on production, and, so to speak, we are engaged in business: and we overtake cars from Germany, and we bring goods and we give wholesale, we build houses, we trade in building materials, in the market many have “points“. There is no wish to earn by theft also we already and we are not able, probably. The Crimean Roma here at stations trade, in the markets … Moldavian, Romanian … They are poor and still nomadic. And fortune-telling … Well, if the Gipsy is able, then will tell the truth and if she is not present … so I am able to guess both, and you.

- It is interesting to learn about the relation to division into layers of this nation. The bulk of the people does not work though lives very well. And other part is very talented. Among themselves do not communicate. Where Zhanna belongs? I have no questions because I still did not communicate with it. Therefore everything is interesting.

(Zhanna treats already settled Roma civilized almost absolutely. Well, does not know the computer … so there is also a mass of Russians illiterate. She graduated from school, writes, seemingly, competently.)

- whether the Truth that Roma do not start talking to people with strong nature, do not try to entice something at them? And someone not their nations causes in them respect?

- the Truth. They are good psychologists by the nature.

(About respect we with Zhanna did not understand something. She respects me, told … Because I respect her, probably.) From myself I will add

here that. Until at us in neighbors there lived the Gipsy family, we did not close the house that in shop to leave. Ever nothing at us vanished. When my mother died, I became puzzled the first minutes, did not know what to do … The aunt Galya came, the Gipsy, everything organized, and beautifully and accurately carried out all ritual. Ivan, her husband, was a participant of Patriotic war. Very much was proud of it, protected a jacket with awards. The family was this having many children and very poor. Their children wore for us castoffs, we treated them with apples from our garden, they through a fence did not climb. At my wedding they appeared suddenly and loudly, quickly and beautifully congratulated songs and dances (suits some krasivenny were at them). And also suddenly disappeared.

Six years ago we bought the house from Roma. When approached, the son told that he is afraid to come. And the agent answers it: “And you a sweater close a nose not to smell“! And when entered, it was scary inconvenient not to remove footwear - purity ideal though at this time did not wait for us, on a table - a vase with the flowers. They do not drink some coffee, but offered tea with candies to us, and behind conversation and reached cutlets and salads - so seduced us (the agent assumed). The house was bought, but more than $10000 were not enough. The delay of payment was issued for 2 months, they agreed to wait until our apartment is on sale. At that time too some crisis happened, and it was necessary to sell our real estate for kopeks. So Roma signed all documents for our possession of the house, allowed to register, and money waited for more than half a year, having told: “Let`s wait already, not to sell you so cheap the apartment“. Also waited.

Not each Russian this way can act. We are with them and still we are on friendly terms, so to speak. Not that to each other we visit, but at meetings we embrace as the family.

About! By the way, remembered still. When we all family on “Field of wonders“ went to play Moscow with Yakubovich, they gave us keys from the Moscow apartment of their son. Like, live that not to pay for hotel, there now is nobody.

They differ in nothing from us. Just it is not enough of them. They need to help to assimilate in society. They now in confusion. They are not able (majority) so far neither to study, nor to work therefore do not want. Their communication is limited, all of them wool on end do time when someone tries to them to get into soul. And when with them as equals, they open wide open. I would agree now Gipsy to have rather a camp in neighbors, than my present neighbor.

I, of course, both exaggerate, and I exaggerate, and I embellish a little … And, maybe, and there is a lot of, but it would be advisable to reflect, nevertheless, is dying out (having many children now they have not enough), an ancient nationality, we are obliged to keep it, to keep its customs (yes, I mean not theft!) culture and extraordinary attractiveness and secret.

And that gradually at us will become more than the educated, hard-working and working people and here such simple dark-haired ordinary women in dresses in peas. And color skirts, jackets baring a swarty tummy, songs and noisy festivities will not be … And fortune-telling will disappear … And at us, naive, nobody will steal rings and money on the street, at last. (You trust?)

And we only on carnivals will ryaditsya in Roma and to howl to the guitar on Gipsy, special manners their songs tearing soul …

Now - The End.