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How to choose to the child camp on summer vacation?

Children`s rest are not only pleasant care, but also heavy responsibility. And therefore, at the choice of children`s camp for vacation, it is necessary to consider a set of nuances.

Many parents first of all pay attention to living conditions in camp, and bright and cheerful pastime is the most important for the child.

Camp is the best children`s rest on vacation. But each family reflects: “And how it is correct to pick up tour operator?“

according to experts, in the sphere of children`s and educational tourism appeared the decent competition - about 25 tour operator companies, each of which offers the wide range of services. How to choose suitable?

First of all, it is necessary to decide on criteria of high-quality service. So, surely have to enter it: four times food and accommodation in hotel or on base with the protected territory. To children it has to be offered razvlekatelno - the informative daily program providing their full employment in days of rest. It is desirable that at least one tutor fell on group of 13 - 15 children. Also in the “correct“ tourist`s packages insurance with the maximum covering has to be put, and such nuances as an arrival and accommodation (in case of need) of the child`s relatives at the expense of insurance company are considered. Direct contracts between the insurer and local medical institutions are surely signed.

the Main component of children`s rest - hotel. You should not aspire in five-stars hotel: it though is comfortable, and sounds beautifully, but for children, noisy and unruly, it is no good at all. So many tour operators agree in opinion that the base of accommodation of children has to have the territory and be, it is desirable, not in the center, and on the suburb of the city that children could frolic and play quietly at a playground.

- And as proximity to the sea, - some careful parent will ask. But here everything is accurate

: both the European laws, and domestic specialists of the market say that admissible distance between accommodation of children and a reservoir are 2 - 3 kilometers. Therefore choose camp at least in kilometer from the lake, the sea or the small river - for the sake of safety that children could be brought to bathe accompanied by leaders and physicians, under protection and in certain hours.

Sincerely we do not recommend to you to choose for your child the permit “all inclusive“! Only present what mixed harmful mucks will be used by your child. The best option - four - five times hot meals.

Also the travel agency interested in convenience of your children and tranquility of your nerves will settle children according to the principles of experts which say: children need to be lodged at least on three. And ideally - four - five-seater rooms. It will allow young lodgers to be divided on sympathies into several groups. Only in such conditions there is a favorable psychological microclimate.

- How many to give money for pocket expenses, - concerns many parents.

Often they make a mistake, giving to the child with themselves a lot of pocket money, just in case. Such rash generosity quite often comes to the end with the situations, and also unnecessary costing nerves to both the tutor, and the child, and sometimes and not harmless expenditure. Of course, the sum given on pocket expenses will depend on a standard of living in the country of residence. So, for example, if for two weeks it is possible to take 200 euros in Bulgaria and Slovakia, then to Cyprus, Greece or to Malta about 250 are required already.

the Controversial issue in activity of travel agency: to take leaders and attendants of skilled teachers with vocational education or just talented keen people? One of travel agencies explained that leaders in camp are selected by a competition on the best program for children`s rest. Winners also go to camp. But there is a danger and the fact that teachers consider work in camp as free rest and can neglect the duties. Better for the child to get to the group created from the children dividing him a hobby (dances, music, sport) or gathered by the teacher of your educational institution. Pluses of such specialized groups are that they have a common goal of a trip and the tutor who well gets on with children.

I finally, study the list of the services specified in the voucher. Be vigilant and check their compliance to your order. These are the international terms:

of SGL (single) - a single room

of DBL (double) - double placement

of TRPL (triple) - triple placement

of Suite - placement in number luxury

of Junior suite - placement in number a junior suite

of Family room - placement in family number

OB (only bed) - only placement

of BB (bed and breakfast) - placement and a breakfast

of HB (half board) - placement, a breakfast, a dinner

of FB (full board) - placement, a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner

of Extra bed - an extra bed

of SV (Sea View) - a view of the sea

of PV (Pull View) - a view of the pool

MV (Mountain View) - a view of mountains

of Successful rest!