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Life is the Gipsy: what it? Part 2

So, we interrupted our interview with the Gipsy by the name of Zhanna which was initiated by users from other resources with a tea ceremony last time. And dispersed for couple of days, everyone on the affairs.

Well, so on what we there.?

Aha, we asked Zhanna, as she thinks for what reason in society negative moods in relation to Roma are so strong? Why they so do not like to work?

- Well, of course, on what! Steal, deceive … I do not know. So already historically it developed - if the Gipsy, then something is already dirty, it is impossible to trust. When Roma wandered how they could study, work? Where still was to take money to support children. They also stole exactly so much how many it was necessary on food. They never were the rich. And you to the child would not steal?

- To deceive - it is a shame or is worthy?

- to Deceive not adequately, it is a shame. But we abuse for it only in a family, the elder, on a habit, probably, do not abuse for such trifles. It it is necessary to etch for a long time. Just others in it, in my opinion, already a little in what differ from Roma.

- And the Gipsy can steal from the?

- Perish the thought! He will be expelled, punished.

- Well and why, all - Roma steal? Why do not work?

- …. my grandfather told

how they got to collective farm. At one time created the Gipsy collective farms and all nomadic caught and forced to work. These farms existed years three. Well that for workers Roma when at all nothing is able to be done? At most, the smith could good turn out from the Gipsy. And all. Settled could be learned, and to find work, and even to become known. For this purpose it is necessary that not one generation lived in a civilized way. Always as looked at savages. Both at schools, and in gardens. The children were kept at arm`s length. And now here mine - the best in school. The Gipsy children have a quick mind, seldom fools are born. In blood already since the childhood - to think how to contrive, live. Also and at Jews, I think, clever it is more, than fools, they too - a small nationality, or perhaps and the nation endangered …

- What do they think of “masked“ Roma (theater, restaurants, service of weddings), in their opinion it is all the same Roma or already not?

- it is normal. Usual work, good fellows. Everyone earns as he is able. We respect.

- Ask to tell about their religion.

- We are Orthodox Christians. But there are both Jews, and Muslims, know … probably, with belief the situation is as well as at others. Anything special. I do not know atheists of Roma. Children from the early childhood go to church, know prayers. We ask God about the same, as all people, - health to parents, children and ourselves, and wellbeing we ask.

- Where their homeland?

(Well, each Gipsy knows about it and answers a question with pride. Here and at Zhanna eyes, as at the beauty - - the main character of some multi-colored Indian movie lit up).

- We from India. Probably, therefore both so multi-colored clothes and cheerful at Roma, and songs - dances from there.

- Why on commemoration of the tribespeople rejoice, dance, sing and this “celebration“ lasts for 2 - 3 days?

- It occurs only at Roma of some tribes in the territory, I know, Latvia and Lithuania, Finland. They explain it with the fact that big pleasure is disposal of tortures terrestrial and resettlement to the world other. Here also rejoice. But all other Roma condemn them, do not accept it and do not understand.

- Whether the Gipsy, suppose, Moscow can, understand the speech of the Latvian inhabitant of the Gipsy nationality?

Well, the Moscow Gipsy of Latvian will understand though already and it is rather heavy. And, let us assume, Hungarian, Romanian we will not understand at all. They for us - foreigners. Strongly language differs already. Both laws, and customs.

- Whether there is a fashion on clothes? Our young people of a gipsy dance long ago in pass - skirts and in jeans sport.

B pass - skirts, maybe, only in Moscow and it is possible. At us only to girls - teenagers everything says goodbye. At us it is not accepted. It is impossible. And in trousers you will not see the Gipsy yet.

- Whether the baron has the power or these are remnants? If the age qualification, receiving a rank of the baron or it is descended?

the Baron - yes, is remnants. There are no barons now. Were when wandered. And that, than force such big is, more, than the Council of Elders, had no. Just managed cash desk, we will call it mutual aid.

There are no barons now, these are fairy tales for Russians. There is head of the Gipsy diaspora. Certainly, all Roma respect him and even obey, but really big he does not possess the power. It is rather - the intermediary between local Roma and local government.

And there is no cash desk, but mutual aid exists. When it is necessary to help a poor family (the fire, a funeral, etc.) we develop who how many can, and we give of

- Tell about your plans for life.

- it is simple to b to live well, children to grow up, arrange in life. That`s all plans.

- Whether there is though a little truth in series of “Carmelite“?

- the Same lies, as in other series, non Gipsy. For Russians the movie. We do not watch soap operas.

- Such custom: for the second day after the delivery to oversleep with the husband. Painfully???

- what Horror! Well, precisely a miracle - yudo. I do not know it. For the second day, generally, the woman in labor in maternity hospital … as it … what for?

- How to you is possible to influence people, to force them to give money, things, jewelry?

- Well, generally, it is the truth that Roma often also are able to guess well, both are engaged in clairvoyance, and even own hypnosis. But not all, not all. Such abilities are usually descended, it is not enough such people. Perhaps one of hundred - two hundred Gipsies is able to do it. Of course, the Gipsy such is more, than, for example, Russians, but same it is easy to explain - Roma study it since the childhood and all life. Those who want to be engaged in it. If you were learned to guess, conjure from the cradle, and you now the would good Gipsy became! ( laughs ).

- Whether the truth is said that Gipsies are able to predict future?

- Some are able.

- Whether there is among Roma an equality of women and men? Whether the modern Gipsy can marry the non Gipsy?

As well as at all. The family is more civilized, the it is more than equality. We have an equality.

Can marry also the Gipsy for whom wants, and the Gipsy to marry. But it is necessary to live under the Gipsy laws, to observe customs, to provide a family. Seldom men Russians correspond to it. The Roma, for example, drinking are not. And women Russians very easily get used to the Gipsy family. Husbands Roma usually good. And fathers.

- How many the local youth needs to put on a needle to build to itself a three-storyed mansion?

(Did not ask a question. At the wrong door. And at me the house is twice more, than at my Roma. By the way, at them one-storeyed, from three rooms. And on a needle I, for example, for this purpose put nobody).

- What you think of criminalization of Roma, of the clans which are engaged in extortion of money or drug trafficking? Whether you see some solution of this problem? Having seen

that Zhanna came to confusion and looks in a drawing room where her husband with children on a floor in front of the TV sits, I offered on this “cheerful“ note for today and to finish especially as the teapot whistled for a long time...

I will come for the last breakthrough tomorrow until I was told polite The End... There were couple more of questions answers to which to me not to think up.