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Our blog gains steam or we untwist the blog

our blog, day the fifth, and respectively for the fifth time I open a Word. My first article “What to Begin Creation of the Blog with?“ on the second place in Google with reference to the catalog of articles and on the second in Yandex with reference to the original. A trifle, and it is pleasant.

Yesterday I thought to write about epithets and journalism, but as I at school had the stable three, and did not study journalism - decided not to be dishonored and write how to gain steam. In the previous articles I touched upon subjects of natural “promotion“ not from the point of view of the pro, and from the point of view of beginning blogger how to untwist not forcedly, search of content and passing commenting of dofollow of blogs, writing articles and their mailing in white catalogs. Registration in RSS catalogs, control of a krossposting and so on.

And so, we will start, at once I will tell, at the end there will be a free cheese which in the principle and about a feat me on writing of article. Let`s begin, perhaps, with the fact that I in search of content, re-read in five days so much advertizing and ways from national handymen that the head around goes. If at me on selection of catalogs of articles not one night, but a krossposting left I could not adjust at all, what there to speak about normal, professional promotion.

of Krossposting

Let`s try to preserve your time that you, the beginning bloggers, did not spend time in vain, on any national methods of advance, and filled the blog with unique content! Write the articles even in trifling occasions! Control of a krossposting was not crowned with success, almost whole day, in search of blogs which can accept RSS from livejournal stayed. Adjusted the whole grid, adjusted on ten open manuals. As a result, automatic machine the maximum from LJ in Lii ya fasts. ru blogs. Can still where fasts, I especially did not check, but why it is necessary for me? Same not popular domains. Here 1 to untwist, and to untwist a grid without professional skills obviously it will not turn out. But in experiences with blogs, I opened one very much as it seemed to me interesting piece, my old blozhik on the blog. ru, the blog on Yovizhenka is indexed with a speed of writing in it of posts, as well as, I by itself knew that searchers like to walk on them, but what SO quickly at what index both Google, and Yandex, from here a conclusion, a network with a krossposting you perhaps and you will not make, but at least in mentioned five accounts create. First for so to speak, “the urgent notification“ of masses will be useful, secondly, perhaps in a year 10 and apnut. And so, we regatsya in 5 blogs and we do not take for a ride with the grids settings. Here or to steep in this business, or will not even not to begin differently to sense.

of dofollow posting

Further about posting, five days I commented on blogs and dofollow, and usual, as a result, 2 - 3 references. While to comment on mine it is a line now the stake - Vakh allows in rather decent. In a word, it is possible to comment and it is even necessary, but you should not go in cycles in it while you comment, the enemy writes! And after it will quote, and it will delete your comments. Good option to make laying of interesting dofollow of blogs and to check them for existence of new subjects if such were, to comment, but only in case really is what not to pass to spam, look for information, comment on it. But as already spoke, without fanaticism, let it will be better daily in reasonable side-altars, than once to prospamit and to receive nothing. Here one more moment, manual posting besides the reference, perhaps, will give you also a traffic, it at the accounting of what you write, and write interestingly. Here by the way, once you note that the more “the big-bellied blog“ the is more than spam there and your comments most likely will rub when new, young dofollow blogs, just are eager to pass your tkomment and to make it that unique content, in 0 - 10 blogs it is practically possible to chat. To thereby make references and itself, and content for the blogger.

Catalogs of articles, there is a wish to note here that good catalogs, actually unit. And where moderators responsible (or at least live) - it is even less catalogs. Nearly a week later before search and verification of references, and after sending in them articles, the sign of life was given by about ten. The next week will pass in quieter mode, all is registered, sorted and classified, write article, and in 10 minutes dispatch it according to catalogs where it by the way, most likely will appear. By the way, it will be necessary to make their review, after writing of article just and I will be engaged in writing of the review. Registration in the dofollow List catalogs

we made

, bookmarks on them made, we check sometimes and periodically we unsubscribe, 5 blogs also registered, made the list of catalogs of articles if read my previous articles, then you learned to look for content, to write articles - too, it is a high time to pass to SEO. But besides, not from the pro, and from users. And so, it is a high time to register at the end of the first week our blog in catalogs of the websites. Here as well as everywhere there are varinta, paid and free. We will not pay naturally, we will begin to register. Here as well as with catalogs of articles to collect the decent list, night will leave to check and sort the list, the second will leave, well and day on registration in one hundred another, as a result a half will be dead, and another with ref references. From personal experience, after registration in more than hundreds live (opening by clicking the link) RSS catalogs, the reference received only with layvrss, a boar, a rssreader and to an alfar a lump. And with catalogs full forgive it, one only blogdir from the same list more than in one hundred.

And here, having spent couple of days, we pass to search of professionals of SEO, well, or to those who consider themselves as those and position themselves as the pro. It is natural as ours blozhik “as a hobby“, but not for business, will not be paid for it by us, we will start search of a freebie at once. Here to be necessary to note and warn that all all similar services, is automation, for spam can ban, therefore if you find free promotion on different stocks, then it should not be abused. Bana of the websites actually not a rarity if “adalta“ after Bang of the websites buy two others, then we after Bang have only broken trough. But me for example, it would be desirable to receive registration in catalogs, they in fact, for this purpose also are necessary that in them to be registered. Therefore I started search, it was not long, hammered into Google “Free registration in catalogs“ and the first line, to be exact the announcement, came across the tempting offer for bloggers, you write article about their service, or place ready, and they to you refill to you balance for placement and pay for referrals. Placed article, we will look what will be. Well and one more way, at various forums about SEO, emergence of similar offices, is always followed by actions, “become the first and receive service free of charge“, or for a response (but it usually for that who have “a long date of a reg“ and us it does not concern).

The second leaf comes to an end that says that it is time for us to be brief. Otherwise catalogs will not adopt article. Tomorrow I will write comparison of two websites which result as I consider, will become excellent motivation for writing articles and in principle, for increase in content.

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