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As coffee helps to grow thin.

of Coffee take the big and significant place in the hearts of modern people, it is drunk by 2 billion people. It helps us to wake up, cheer up at work, to chat with girlfriends in a coffee house, to comfortably hold negotiations and many other things. But for some reason at fragrant drink ill fame among nutritionists. At observance of almost any diet along with salty, sweet, sharp, alcohol and black tea, first of all forbid coffee. Whether it is worth refusing coffee that who wants to grow thin? Caffeine activates consumption by fabrics of oxygen and accelerates splitting of fats. Besides, caffeine reduces appetite and interferes with an overeating. From - for this properties caffeine add to structure almost all dietary supplement for weight reduction. Therefore if you want to grow thin, do not refuse coffee, but learn to use it correctly.

Rule 1.

is Said that people on the earth are divided into those who can begin morning without cup of coffee and who cannot. If you want to grow thin, it is necessary to belong to the first group. Coffee should not be first course since morning at all, it is possible to drink a cup only after a big breakfast. During the day drink coffee between meals, it will lower appetite and will save you from having a snack. It is necessary to refrain from coffee in the evening even if it does not fight off you a dream as caffeine stimulates work of nervous system and he will not allow your brain to have a rest fully in a night.

Rule 2.

During the day drink no more than one - two cups of coffee. Why so it is not enough? Because researches showed that only the mentioned quantity of cups of coffee in day is capable to render the invigorating effect. The bigger amount of coffee causes accustoming and seriously raises load of heart and vessels. If you the real coffee-achiever, gradually reduce the number of cups in day.

Rule 3. Replace with

instant coffee with natural. Instant coffee fast and tasty, but it leads to a liquid delay in an organism, intestines and the most important irritate - provokes development of cellulitis. The most ideal if you buy coffee beans, to grind them before preparation of coffee (in the Turk or the coffee maker). If at work you have no coffee maker, fill in the coffee made houses in a thermos and carry him for work. And it is even better - persuade colleagues to chip in together for the coffee maker.

Rule 4.

you Love coffee with sugar? Do not refuse this habit, but only if you do not drink more than two cups a day. If you drink more or eat a lot of sugar during the day, use you sakharozamenitsya, for example on the basis of a plant a stevia (is on sale in a drugstore). Refuse cakes, cookies and candies. Pass to bitter chocolate. If you drink coffee with cream, pass to milk of low fat content. Of course, it is not so tasty, but helps to grow thin.

Rule 5.

do not use some coffee at stomach ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, at gastritis with the increased acidity, at sleeplessness, at gout and an urolithic illness. Limit consumption of coffee after 40 years as it strengthens removal of calcium from a bone tissue and increases risk of development of osteoporosis.

Coffee eksperimeta.

Try to add at preparation of coffee to it a cocoa powder spoon - natural tonic and antidepressant will turn out. Also, instead of sugar it is possible to add to the invigorating drink syrups - caramel, vanilla, cherry, chocolate. Syrups for coffee can be bought in coffee houses. Try to make coffee in Turkish - it is very simple. The Turkish coffee is served in the small coffee cups similar to cups for espresso, only not big-bellied, and more oblong. Take the Turk and pour in it in waters exactly so much how many cups of coffee you want to prepare, from above fill ground coffee from calculation one teaspoon with a hill on a cup. The Turkish coffee very tart therefore it is cooked most often with sugar. To prepare so-so - sweet coffee in Turkish, add in the Turk two cubes of lump sugar on a cup. Deliver to the Turk on weak fire and you watch. You do not leave only anywhere as coffee will escape as soon as you turn to it a back. When coffee begins to begin to boil, remove it from fire and spill on cups. Such coffee which forms in a cup a dense skin on a surface is considered aerobatics. Coffee in Turkish do not disturb as coffee swill accumulates at the bottom.

In everything the measure, also and in coffee is important. Drink coffee, do not refuse to yourself this pleasure, but drink correctly made coffee completely to feel all delights of this invigorating drink.