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Education - business thin!

Eh, life my can, and well it in … …. You bring up, you bring up it, …. and it that gets up. Stop, feet, feet. From this point let`s consider everything on - in more detail. It will be a question as you already guessed, of education. So - such education and what it is eaten with? Very often the word education meets in pedagogics. She cannot live without it. And here in families you will hear this word seldom, only when the parent is simply angered on the child. That`s when the word - education sounds as a thunder. Of personal vital practice and practice of the family psychologist there was such interesting picture about education: parents who have the first child, are sure of correctness of the education; parents who have the second child already doubt the education and opened a season of hunting for knowledge of education; and here at whom the third child, parents understand that they do not know at all that such education and as it becomes. Here such brother of business! Let`s glance deep into the words “education“ - the filling food. And at once question: And food of what? There is a physical body which constantly feed. This body grows and develops. Really everything is so simple? On the contrary. And whether you heard about such concept how “soul“? Yes it is invisible part of the person which cannot be touched, but it can be felt. As popular wisdom “Says do not allow soul to be lazy, maltreat the idler“. If we approach education from this point of view, then what feelings and emotions the parent has, and the soul of his child will eat that. What am I telling? Yes all about the same morality of future generation, so about destiny of the country, and is closer - the Homeland. Here also came to high feelings and slogans. And everything began that with a trifle: about the attitude towards the child. Here so companions are parents as do not twist, and for future generation we are parents we bear full responsibility, but not a garden and school, and even not the state. All this auxiliary objects for education of the child. Here also we meet paradox of life: are necessary to all well-mannered generation, and nobody learns how to bring up both there is no such subject “Education of the Child“ and parents of the children by method bring up “a scientific tyk“, using various educational systems, or other extreme, that is do not bother in general education - raise a wormwood - a grass (nurses - governesses yes pass - gardens).

But not so everything is gloomy as it seems. It is important to understand the most important that the child already the personality with the feelings and emotions with which you saturated, dear parents. Considering the identity of the child, his feeling, emotion and desire, it is possible to open for itself as parent, the great country of “Education“ in which all teach each other we are children, and children us. Many places in this country are not investigated. I suggest to plunge into this country and to take pleasure from the process of life. But not to be among those people who speak: “Five minutes of pleasure, and then all life toil“.

It is very pleasant and joyful when the child at teenage age speaks to parents: “You at me the coolest, I very much love you“ - means, you are an authority for the child.