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“Again borsch?!“ Soup imaginations

U us for lunch

Pea soup,


soup For lunch!

Who cooks that soup,

That is not avaricious at all,

of Friends will invite

To a lunch.

(V. Suvorin “Pea soup“)

Borsch, Russian cabbage soup, soup pea, kharcho soup, rassolnik … And what else soups you know?

And, above all what you usually prepare in the family? If you offer house first course, they can guess what soup today in the menu?

If I was a cook of narrow specialization, I would choose as the profession preparation of soups. I adore dreaming with first courses. I always want to think up something special, new. Very much I am afraid to hear “Borsch again …“ neither in relation to food, nor concerning other area of life.

And borsch, our favourite and national, it is necessary to gain and look forward too as a holiday.

So, I offer for lunch at choice several author`s soups today - I guarantee that you will lick fingers!

By the way, always I follow the rule: if second course meat, in soup of meat is not. I dismiss products on 6 - 8 persons (the 5 liter pan, is enough for an additive for all).

Mushroom on - Shukhsk Soup

- Mushrooms to boil, pass via the meat grinder. To fry slightly on the heated frying pan in vegetable oil.

- Carrots and onions also to overwind in the meat grinder, to fry to a flush on vegetable oil.

- Now to mix everything, to salt, pepper to taste and to lay in a pan. To put on fire and to fill in with two liters of milk.

- As soon as soup will begin to boil, to lower a spark to a minimum and, stirring slowly, to gradually pour grated cheese of firm grades.

- As soon as cheese begins to get denser, add the chopped greens to taste (parsley, fennel, onions green).

When for the first time reported that for soup for lunch today, all unanimously declared: “Oh, dairy I do not want!“ It is one of the most favourite in a family now. Ask quite often. Very nourishing soup. I like it to pepper properly. On the second it is possible to do portions less than usual.


mushrooms (it is better forest, but it is possible also champignons) - grams 300;

onions - 1 big head;

carrots - one large;

cheese - grams 200;

milk - 2 liters (preferably fat);

salt, greens to taste. giblets Soup

- Chicken giblets, beef liver, crude potato and carrot to pass

via the meat grinder and to fry slightly on sunflower oil.

- Now to put in a pan and to put on fire. After boiling to cook about half an hour - forty minutes.

- Then to salt, add other seasonings to taste. In five minutes prior to readiness to fill small vermicelli in a saucepan and to fill soup with the browned onions seasoned with one very ripe tomato or tomato paste.

Well and, of course, greens will not prevent. Tasty, try!


giblets chicken and beef liver - 300-400 grams;

potatoes - 2 - 3 averages of the size;

carrots - 1 average size;

onions - 1 large head;

vermicelli - a big handful (grams 100);

tomato (1) or tablespoon of tomato paste;

salt, seasonings - to taste. vegetable marrows Soup

- Very young vegetable marrows to clear

of a skin and seeds, to cut in small cubes, to lower in ready beef broth.

- the Cooked meat from broth to get and cut in small cubes. To return back to broth.

- the Carrots cut in the same cubes to fry slightly on vegetable oil. To popasserovat onions. And too to lower in broth.

- Potato can be added if men in the house like to eat densely. Maintaining style, and cut potato in that case small small squares. - to Cook

minutes 15 - 20. To add greens and spices to taste, to salt.


beef - half a kilo;

carrots - 1 piece;

onions - 1 piece;

a vegetable marrow - 1 piece;

potato - 3 pieces;

salt, spices, greens - to taste.

I wish all bon appetit!