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The computer was loaded “not from that leg“? Problems and ways of their decision

How many time so happened: the computer worked normally yesterday, and is not loaded in the morning.

The user in perplexity - as so can be? Even in the evening he quietly made the necessary operations, wrote down result, it was necessary only to unpack. No failures were observed.

Switched off the car correctly. Not just pressed on the button, and pressed the left button of a mouse a window “to finish“. The owner of the computer with offense in a voice spreads all this and waits for the positive answer.

It should not be! Cannot just occur! Especially, it should bear to the chief the report now, and there is no listing!

Well what positive can be told in reply? You will not look at the car yet - anything. And what means “cannot occur“? Everything can happen to equipment, even the fact that we are not capable to imagine.

But we will be engaged in the computer. First of all it is necessary to try it to include most. Perhaps, the user in a hurry just did not break the resistance of the button: distracted phone call or the boiled teapot. Coffee should be drunk before work too.

No, does not join. Then we start food check. Whether the fork is inserted into the socket? Whether the adapter or the filter is included? Perhaps, the cleaner slightly hooked on a wire the mop. But around a table so purely! Often it also limits a morning call. The mood at the user instantly changes. He with foam at a mouth thanks and praises you as unique expert.

But there is a novel to continuation. The button jammed or, at last, the safety lock fused. Why “at last“? But because everything gradually works well together, and the slightest failure in food during inclusion completes business. Sometimes it is necessary to withdraw the car from the user and to urgently rewrite information from a disk on a spare workplace. It is good if to replace is than.

But why I explain such elementary things? Some readers and will tell. Right there everything is clear, even for school and university students. I do not argue. But it is elementary when understood the reason. It - in - the first. In - the second, any course, any science we begin to comprehend with a school bench. Let us do not sit at a school desk any more, but the first lessons are surprisingly simple. It is a basis for further knowledge.

Therefore I which - that I will add to the previous situation, and then I will complicate a task. When checking food both the system unit, and monitor it is desirable not just to pull a wire, and to accurately take out it from the socket and to insert again. Happens that simple pressing does not resume contact.

And now the following step. Both with sockets, and with safety locks everything is normal. The car was loaded. But something begins “to be buggy“. The program is removed, it is impossible to be connected to the server, a conclusion to the network printer is absent.

Each “glitch“ should be considered separately. Perhaps, the computer was loaded before the server, and now does not perceive its resources. Perhaps, there is no network. And where it got to? Yes the same cleaner could touch it with a broom. And you could disturb unintentionally conductings too.

But before to understand, it is necessary to reboot. It is very probable that problems will leave all at once. It is necessary to take for the rule: any trial with badly working car should be begun with reset! And to accustom to it your wards.

Loading as a result took place successfully, and everything normally works. But it is required to establish the new software. The disk is license, on all questions answers are given, and nobody will convince what is wrong. Installation at the final stage congratulates you and wishes success. But there is also no success just. Something does not go, is not coordinated among themselves. According to the previous recommendations you try to reboot. Zero effect. What to do? To climb in depth of settings? Where and what to look for?

There is such concept - “crookedly was established“. It can belong both to any program, and to the system. And you will overcome this “krivost“ with nothing as you try. Better and not to try. While the getting is good, until the software product got information entered into it, it is better to reinstall it. It is much simpler, than to look for a needle in a haystack. Also it is not necessary to puzzle why so occurred. The head is useful for another.

And now we will take a view of well working complex. Both computers are normal, and the network does not bring, and your fingers are not mistaken. Idyll lasts for many days and even weeks. But … What for nonsense happens sometimes to ourselves at perfectly working equipment?

One fine day you come to work, and everything goes somehow topsy-turvy. In the operated program the mistake unexpectedly comes to light. While information in base understands, lost. To it there is no access, and the user is nearly ready to hang himself. And here it is still ringing from the customer and half-hour conversation about what he should make still. You are broken off what you will not be accepted to - everything is filled up. You are not lucky. It is not your day. You obviously got up on the wrong side of the bed. At such moments outside many defects of the past about which all already forgot usually jump out.

Gradually the fire is extinguished. Comes to light that not a mistake in the program, and the user unconventionally entered information, and the interface for such format is simply not provided. Access to the section of base was closed because of the brand new employee who in registration of the consignment note mixed sequence. The customer withdraws a half of claims, states the second more softly, and telephone conversation in conclusion turns almost into a friendly chat. The clear understanding why you have all the rest comes to mind it was filled up. You feel like the sure professional again.

There are moments when highly skilled programmers test for similar falls of bad luck. As a virus which picked up - and you do not know it when you get rid. One discrepancy clings to another. Customers, any minute, will begin to doubt your competence. Yes what there customers! You and already and do not trust yourself! Really lost skill, spilled experience and you can do nothing?

Subsequently usually it becomes clear that met new, earlier unfamiliar problem, and quietly you estimate as it could be solved more simply. Everything rises on the places. And thanks to the endured situation invaluable experience is gained.

But, alas, the user at whom refused in the morning the computer will not understand all this and will not classify. Yes, and the head is stuffed by not handed over report. What there shelves!

Necessarily he will believe that the computer has legs …