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Eyes. How to improve sight, following simple rules?

Everything flows, everything changes. And ours the civilization develops more and more promptly. To, to a regret, its development has sometimes an adverse effect on human health. All of us drive cars more often, more and more seldom we go on foot, all we hurry somewhere, we are nervous. For hours we are at the computer or in front of the TV. The computer became integral part of our life. Many of us even read books from the monitor screen. And it, as we know, strongly influences health, especially eyes. They do not maintain such loading, from here, and deterioration in sight, because and short-sightedness.

It would be desirable to share the experience in this article. My sight began to fall at school, and fell in institute to minus 4. I decided that it is necessary to do something. Also made. Now I have minus 2. You ask, really it is possible? How so? I will open for you a small secret: sight at short-sightedness and far-sightedness, probably, too can be corrected without medical intervention. I will try to explain. how.

Eyes - a mirror of health and beauty. And short-sighted eyes are covered with a veil or fog (if you want). Our task - to remove it. There is it it is possible to make the handy means available to all and to everyone.

There are 3 basic rules which will help us:

In - the first, everyday and notorious gymnastics for eyes (short-sightedness no other than weakening of eye muscles which we can and has to be tightened. MUSCLES of EYES NEED TRAINING. And not occasionally, and in systematic exercises. Just as we swing a press or we train legs, etc.). But be not frightened, you should not overstrain and do all known exercises. There is enough of main: the movements by eyes up - down, to the right - to the left, on diagonals and roundabouts eyes. It is useful to look in a distance several minutes. But there is one condition: we do gymnastics not tyap - a mistake (if only to make), and with concentration. The gymnastics has to last not a moment, and minutes five - ten. Then there will be a sense. It can be done in any place, at any time. The result will not keep itself waiting long. By the way, exercises instantly take off fatigue of eyes. what is not less important as muscles have to have a rest too.

In - the second, food. Integral part of treatment of any disease. The food needs to be eaten various. Plus to everything, for eyes such substances (carotinoids) as lyutein and zeaksantin which contain in such products are vital: beans, peas, carrot, oranges, pumpkin. spinach is (a lot of), even in eggs, a persimmon, tangerines, a celery, corn. In addition it is possible to recommend vitamins “lyutein-forte“. From them we receive a daily dose of these substances.

In - the third, every day it is necessary to do massage of the head that blood flowed to eyes. By the way, who practices yoga, it is possible to advise to do a rack on the head (but it is very careful). Plus to it, do lotions on eyes not of black. and from green tea or from infusion of a grass of a marigold.

Here, the basic rules to which it is necessary to adhere every day. Sight will improve, is checked on itself. And, in general, ladies and gentlemen, conduct healthy and active lifestyle. Then diseases do not pobespokot you.

of Good luck!!!