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Monochrome flower bed. How to create a bed of color of the Sun?

Fortunately, the person live not in is black - the white world, and in an environment of the whole range of various flowers and their shades which influence not only our mood, but also physiological processes in an organism. In any case, the science a tsvetoterapiya so claims. But we will not go deep into its postulates - we will go in for botany at the level of the flower grower - the fan.

Yellow is one of the brightest flowers drawing attention. So it developed that treat him doubly: at one people - it is a symbol of good luck, prosperity, at others - nonsense, treachery.

But in one all opinions meet: yellow color gives positive mood and ease, pleasure and fun, helps to be recharged by optimism and cheerfulness. It is color of the Sun, a symbol of vital energy, same bright and sparkling. You will look at it - and becomes warmer, somehow absolutely unostentatiously it pacifies soul and banishes grief.

So why not to create in the garden such island for a relaxation and restoration of sincere forces? Yellow flowers are always pertinent, never bother, though are allocated in any group composition. They wonderfully change a site, especially in cloudy days. At skillful selection of plants it is possible to create compositions which all season will please you only with a yellow, solar range of shades, harmoniously fitting into the general design, being combined both with constructions, and with green plantings.

In the spring yellow crocuses, narcissuses, tulips open a season. They are landed groups to the easy friable soil, in the places not subject to stagnation of water. Depth of landing has to exceed three times the size of bulbs or slightly more. Will perfectly decorate a bed and primroses among which there are many grades with yellow flowers. They blossom long enough and plentifully, magnificent inflorescences during blossoming practically hide the socket with leaves. The primrose is unpretentious, but it is worth remembering that on a bright sun she suffers from a lack of moisture more and fades quicker.

Undoubtedly, nobody the kupalnitsa will leave indifferent. It is possible to choose the most attractive to himself from the available garden versions. Care of it simple, as well as behind many other perennials - loosening of the soil, waterings if necessary, top dressing.

Doronikum - the unpretentious, frost-resistant perennial breeding division of a bush. Approximately in May blossoms it is dazzling - yellow inflorescences - camomiles with a diameter of 5 - 7 cm. Plant height about 50 cm, but is grades and higher.

That in the summer to cover the turned yellow leaves of spring bulbous or deflowered perennials, in a bed place other yellow flowers: pansies, nasturtiums, barkhatets, calendula, verbeynik. A nasturtium and barkhatets - one of easiest in culture of odnoletnik, at the same time blossom plentifully and to the most late fall. The calendula after the first summer blossoming needs a scrap since escapes with the ripening seeds look absolutely not decoratively. And here the cut-off plants actively cluster and by fall give the second wave of blossoming - already to the frosts.

It is possible to choose sectional or pochvopokrovny forms from verbeynik: for example, verbeynik dot or verbeynik monetchaty. By the way, monetchaty it is possible just to dig out where - nibud on the fringe of the forest and to replace to itself in a garden - he perfectly feels even in thickets of a lawn grass, picturesquely creeps between stones, flashes the bright yellow asterisks in a shadow of strict hvoynik.

Enotera biannual blossoms on an extent of all summer large solarly - yellow flowers which reveal for the night and remain opened in the afternoon only in cloudy weather. This plant very unpretentious, drought-resistant and winter-hardy, to the flower grower will not add excess efforts. From tall perennials it is possible to add still lilies and day lilies, irises and coneflowers, a golden rod and yellow chrysanthemums.

It is possible to list much and long, the choice of seeds and plants now on sale big - would be money and desire. But without sunflowers and gold spheres - in any way! Without them the picture will be incomplete.

I remember our old yards,

all the time Where towards the fall gold spheres blossomed

you Remember this sincere old hit? Well then, purring it to itself under a nose, sit down in a rocking-chair at the solar bed and indulge in own tsvetoterapiya.