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Biker. How to become free and to touch wind?

Are in our world category of people, rather free and happy. Eternal wanderers of boundless open spaces live desire to feel completeness of life, to depart from mad reality, the drawn illusions and barefaced falseness, in another, them

created … For achievement of this purpose they have an excellent means - “an iron horse“. Even not so much means, how many sense of all their life. There live these people the philosophy in which base is Courage and the Brotherhood, and are guided by the Code of honor. Still they are called kings of roads, and they call themselves bikers.

The biker movement exists slightly more, than half a century. The American pilots who came back from World War II were his primogenitors. They replaced heavenly metal birds with motorcycles, but did not give wings and pleasure flight.

In 80 - x years on a wave rocker and informal movements spontaneous biker brotherhoods in the Soviet country appeared.

90 - e years were well-known for opening of the first motor clubs. Not only existence of the motorcycle was important for membership in club. Moral and moral qualities of the person wishing to enter it were of great importance: as far as it is reliable, decent, responsible and honest. The first travel on long distances are good check for beginners and define whether they on themselves are ready to try on a difficult way of life, whether they are able to be on friendly terms “really“, simply and naturally.

Who considers that bikers are the mad, worthless and reckless people who are daily risking the life strongly are mistaken. Acquisition of the good motorcycle, its contents, gasoline, equipment manages in the decent sum. As for clothes, it is often sewed individually “to order“. Style of the biker are leather trousers, a leather biker jacket leather jacket, boots and a bandana which choice they very scrupulously approach. The attire is embroidered by symbolical stripes.

These people strong stand on the feet in the social plan, mostly natives of middle class and with the higher education. Among them it is possible to meet representatives of different professions: bankers, programmers, lawyers, economists, artists, journalists, designers, athletes, and even research associates. Their civic and living position is always accurately expressed, they do not indulge “in vain hopes“, are active and very initiative.

Unclear force connects the biker to the motorcycle once, fills all sections with spirit of freedom, lets know force of speed and resistance, and in an award gives so much adrenaline that will be enough for ten motorists. Moving apart the breast the ocean of wind, being dissolved in it, he is sent to gold embraces of the sparkling sun, and the whole world welcomes it, heart is filled with pleasure.

The napolirovanny “iron horse“ gleaming chrome in which so many forces and work, own pain and love are put becomes almost living, loyal friend, an embodiment of all desires and continuation of soul. The unbeaten legend, in it is not present glamourous luxury, trinkets and jewelry, and there is nothing superfluous. The biker for a bike - the only master therefore it together with it always, faithfully overcomes distance and time. In an award - feeling that you are not one , and understanding - so far it nearby, will not come loneliness and a dullness of ordinary life.

You watch at such people as every day they truly and consciously go towards the aim, making small imperceptible feats, and there is a wish to tell: what you are good fellows!