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Fireplace in your house or How to tame live fire?

Here and fall. From rains bushes darkened. The sun rises later and later, and sets earlier...

There is a wish to get rather to the house, to muffle in a warm plaid and slowly, a drink behind a drink, to drink hot fragrant tea with raspberry jam and to thumb through the favourite book.

And it is even better to be attached at a fireplace and to watch live sparks of the crackling firewood. If there is a fireplace - every evening in your house warmly and comfortably. But that your leisure was not intruded upon, it is necessary to remember: you tamed the real, live fire and it is necessary to handle its source validly.

Of course, there are options and without fire - electric heating devices with the drawn fire and coals. Substitutes - simulators. But it everyone is free for itself(himself) to choose: to have or not to have. whether

of Feature of the device of house fireplaces

Is difficult to design the real home? The fireplace as heat source does not influence reliability and durability of a design of the house in any way. At the same time it, as a rule, is established on a floor and has a wide stone basis, and under it the base.

The fireplace in finished form (a fire chamber, a flue and decorative facing) weighs from 100 kg and more, but at the same time (of course if the house is made of reinforced concrete or a brick, with strong and reliable overlappings) does not influence durability of all house in any way. In this case and it is not obligatory to put the base under a fireplace.

In the wooden house - lack of the base can lead to shrinkage and deformation of a floor, and also shift of a flue and, as a result, to leakage of a smoke through the formed cracks.

Flues for fireplaces happen two types: brick and from a sandwich - pipes. If in a brick flue to establish a metal case, it not only better removes a smoke, but is much easier and quicker cleaned. And special materials not only will preserve heat, but also will rescue the house from the fire. Certainly, if near a flue there is no electrical wiring or gas pipes.

Chimney fire chambers happen opened and closed. But it is undesirable to leave an open fire chamber unguarded. At an open fire chamber the role of a door carries out the filter. It is done of fire-resistant glass or metal that reliably covers from the shooting burning sparks. The pig-iron, closed fire chambers “burn“ better and are less dangerous.

Whatever fire-resistant was glass, you should not experiment with it. The splashes of any liquid which incidentally got on glass can create the difference of temperatures sufficient in order that it burst, and the fireplace of open type will turn out. By the way, modern pig-iron fireplaces are equipped with the mechanism of control at which the door opens only at the open gate. The more the gate is open, the draft is better.

But a fire chamber - as the living being, can waken from the only thing of the smoldering piece of coal which hid in a corner. Therefore if access of air is blocked not completely, then it can lead to poisoning with carbon monoxide. And for control it is recommended to clean a fire chamber and the sliding collection of ashes after every evening spent at a fireplace.

the Interior indoors with a fireplace

Maintenance of the center - process in itself fascinating and pleasant. But, as if you wanted to issue originally space at a fireplace, it is impossible to forget that fire at extreme heating is capable to cause troubles and at distance.

But how to define where it is possible and where it is impossible to arrange home decoration? Everything is simple. Where you long time will feel well, in the same place furniture, pictures, household appliances, carpets and other household goods will be in comfortable conditions.

In this regard it makes sense to specify upon purchase from the seller temperature condition around a fireplace. Even before modern models passes to a fireplace have to be free. But where there is a naked flame, also means of fight against it surely has to be near. If the house is not equipped with a fire extinguishing system, then the best means - supervision. And - to kindle not to set fire!

A fireplace - a thing universal. The choice of a model design and location in the house depends only on the owner`s wishes. That is it is possible to establish anything and anywhere. The question is in what to put nearby. Even if the interior of the room assumes some decorative additions to a fireplace, any material which is not authorized by the producer of a fireplace is always an excess reason for a meeting with firefighters.

the Warm friend in your house

is wrong to think that the fireplace is capable to warm the big room. Alas, it is for this purpose not intended. In general, recommend to heat a fireplace no more than four hours a day. In this case, it without efforts will serve to you more than ten years. In a fireplace from time immemorial burned down only firewood. Also sat next, enjoying rest. To kindle a fireplace, they need to be spread out correctly or better to get special lattices for laying of firewood. Dry logs of trees of deciduous breed best of all are suitable for a fire chamber. It is necessary to know that coniferous logs “cry“ pitch, and their evaporations are very unhealthy moreover loudly crack and shoot the burning sparks.

That draft “enticed“ puffs into a pipe, and they did not go to scattered wandering on the house before kindling fire, it is necessary to remove an air column which is formed in a cold flue and, of course, prevents formation of good draft. It will be for this purpose rather simple to send a long splinter or a chimney lighter to a flue and to warm up it a little.

Not only bad firewood, but also a careless tedding of not burned down brands can act as “instigators“. For care of fireplaces davny - long ago invented the special tool: poker, nippers, shovel and brush. These devices can be various in a form, but mission at them one: it is safe to serve a fireplace. A poker - the best subject to stir and rake up coals, nippers it is convenient to shift logs, and a shovel and a brush - the best cleaners of a fireplace.

The fireplace, as well as other objects of house use, is ready to serve the person for many years. For this purpose before each heating season it is necessary to perform its careful inspection. It is simple, but nevertheless it is better to invite the expert who precisely knows how to clean a flue, without having scattered its contents on all house, and if there are malfunctions in work of a fireplace, will in due time find them.

So the chimney sweep is fortunately!